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Places to visit

Places to visit
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  • Lakenheath Fen

    21 April recent sightings: Weekend warbling

    Good morning. After I baffled you all with my blog post about surveys last week , here is a more “normal” post. Katherine blogged on Sunday and shared some of Tim James’ pictures. Here are a few more: An extremely showy Cetti's...
  • Dearne Valley

    Getting the bug – Sightings, 20 April

    Hi Folks! I missed you yesterday. Sorry about that and I may only say in my defence that it was a family do. So tonight, by way of an apology, I shall update you with both the salient points of yesterday’s sightings and the news from today. So...
  • Minsmere

    An unexpected bonus

    Yesterday was a red letter day for me in many ways. I had a rare full day birdwatching, saw my earliest ever swift, and found the rarest bird I've actually found for myself at Minsmere - and that's on my day off! I usually only manage to have...
  • Titchwell Marsh

    April 20th 2015 - Today at Titchwell

    Brambling - female on feeders Little ringed plover - 1 on fresh marsh Bittern - booming male in reedbed Grasshopper warbler - 1 reeling and showing in small willow bushes by viewing screen on East Trail this afternoon Garden warbler - 1st...
  • Blacktoft Sands

    A bird in the bush

    And on the mud, in the reedbeds, on the lagoons in fact birds just about everywhere at the moment! Its certainly fast becoming one of the best Aprils I can remember with so much to see on site and seemingly something new in every day. And maybe its not...
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First Snowdrops -- 12 1 13

At the entrance to North Plain Farm Lonning.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 74

Five Whoopers flying off wetland 22 10 10

After spending some time grazing, preening and swimming around the meadows and pools in front of the...
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 30

Flock of Barnacles over the Lonning, 14th February

Quite a busy day on the Reserve birdwise. This flock flew straight above us across the Lonning, as we...
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 39

Flock of Pinkfeet flying west, 21st February 2012

A small flock Pinks flew west over the Lonning. There had been a lot of goose movement today, in both...
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 41

Four leucistic Barnacles , North Plan Farm, 24th February 2011

Four leucistic Barnacles, locally thought to be a family group, grazing together with other Barnacles...
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 75

Four-spotted Chaser, 18th June 2010

Dragonfly watched flying up and down peaty ditches which flank the path to Rogersceugh Farm. It was a...
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 41

Fox hunting in orchard, 7th July 2010

Noticed this young sleek fox jauntily hunting in the damson orchard. It was probably after voles or frogs...
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 55

Goldfinch in Lonning hedge - 24th August, 2013

Photo credit, John Howard
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 55

Great White Egret , Campfield saltmarsh - 27 10 12

Working the dubs and creeks way out on the Saltmarsh.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 42

Great White Egret at Scargavel Point

28 11 12 It had been picking around in the dubs on the saltmarsh as the high tide receeded from the marsh...
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 32

Great White Egret being mobbed by Gulls - 7th February, 2012

As soon as the Egret started fishing it began to be mobbed by Gulls.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 54

Great White Egret flying in - 7th February, 2012

Egret came flying in onto the estuary beyond Scargavel Point.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 46