Places to visit

Places to visit

Places to visit
Do you love our nature reserves? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
Latest blog posts
  • Minsmere

    Bittern champion

    Guest blog by our Area Manager for Suffolk, Ben McFarland, who tells us about his important meeting with a local MP who we’ve asked to champion the plight of the bittern. A cold wind was blowing on my back, but the sun shone bright as we stood...
  • Pagham Harbour Local Nature Reserve

    Tawny Owls go live

    Over the last three weeks our visitors have marveled over the nesting Blue Tits which have been living out there nesting period live on TV in the Visitor Centre. On Tuesday this week they hatched and now the parents are busily collecting caterpillars...
  • Dearne Valley

    Lots of Jam and News!

    Hello, a bit late this evening but that's because I've spent a few hours at Old Moor today. I arrived late afternoonish and went straight down to the reedbeds. On the way were orange-tip butterflies fluttering around as well as quite a few bumblebees...
  • Loch Leven

    Swallows, red squirrel pups and fun!

    Spring is in the air and summer certainly feels like it's around the corner, even after the snowy cover we experienced last week at RSPB Loch Leven. It's also another great week for wildlife sightings with swallows starting to build their nests...
  • Arne

    The Suns bringing out the wildlife!

    There’s lots to catch up on since our last blog. Continuing the theme from last time, moths are building in numbers and the trap is being run most night. Do pop into the hut first thing in the mornings to see what we’ve caught. Morning visits...
Latest photos
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Winter wonderland.

Posted to: The Lodge
by 49

Resting Dragonfly

Dragonfly at RSPB Otmoor on the walk down to the hide.
Posted to: Otmoor
by 93

Red-Backed Shrike.

A watercolour sketch of a rare visitor to Biggleswade common on a hot day in September. It was quite...
Posted to: The Lodge
by 49

A magical merlin

One jeff prepared earlier - thanks!
Posted to: Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
by 107

Red Kite - another goor raptor for Wallasea

- 25th September, stood at eastern end of the wetlands and spotted a raptor coming low over the water...
Posted to: Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
by 62

gannet nest building

waited a while at trouphead in fact 3 hours is normal for me just watching these amazing powerful birds...
Posted to: Troup Head
by 201

Waxwings in Hesketh Bank

Taken today at around 14:30pm in Poppyfields off Station Road. There were x9 birds in total and they...
Posted to: Hesketh Out Marsh
by 78

Corn Bunting

Posted to: Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
by 62

female Marsh Harrier

The same bird as my previous photo comes low past my position.
Posted to: Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
by 71

Inquisitive visitor

- sometimes seals come through the breaches on high tide and this fellow was sat just off the saltmarsh...
Posted to: Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
by 81

peacock butterfly

Posted to: The Lodge
by 55

Osprey, surprise visitor

This adult Osprey was a surpise visitor, fishing on the river Roach off the eastern end of Wallasea on...
Posted to: Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
by 62