Places to visit

Places to visit

Places to visit
Do you love our nature reserves? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Dearne Valley

    The Wheel Turns - Sightings, 21 Dec.

    Hi Folks! You know, it wasn’t until I was just about to leave Old Moor this afternoon that I realised what day it is. I knew there was something about the 21 st December that rang a bell. Of course! The shortest day! In fact, you can’t get...
  • Lakenheath Fen

    Get the home fires burning!

    Well, hasn’t this year gone quickly?! Too quickly for my liking. The last few weeks have been exceptionally busy for us down the reserve, mainly because we’ve had a contractor in doing some reed cutting! Our contractor uses a digger with...
  • Rainham Marshes

    Check everywhere!

    Our Kingfishers at this time of year are very mobile and can be found along and over any body of water on the marsh when it is not frozen. They like the white water monitoring posts and even gates but sometimes you will catch one sitting unobtrusively...
  • Fairburn Ings

    Up the garden path - December 2014

    Here's the latest blog from our Wildlife Garden team Hi everyone! Its time for an update on our lovely wildlife garden here at rspb Fairburn Ings. One of the keys to wildlife gardening is creating a variety of habitats and making best use of the...
  • Pulborough Brooks

    Winter sale!

    Are you a) a last minute shopper looking for those final few Christmas presents, looking to do the finishing touches to your festive decorations or b) a savvy well-organized shopper, seeking out some bargains to stash away until next year? ...
Latest photos
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Bearded Reedlings - Panurus biarmicus

At the moment there are over 100 pairs of beardies at Lakenheath Fen and I was fortunate enough to see...
Posted to: Lakenheath Fen
by 48

Bearded Tit

Photo taken at RSPB Lakenheath Fen on 25th October 2010.
Posted to: Lakenheath Fen
by 51

Finger licking good

Posted to: Havergate Island
by 33

Posing Hare

1st May
Posted to: Havergate Island
by 27

Purple heron

This beautiful bird has been seen on the marsh regularly since the 15 th April.
Posted to: Marazion Marsh
by 134

Spoonbill (2/4/11)

Originally found by Margaret Cowie mid-afternoon today, this Spoonbill was giving delightful views from...
Posted to: Loch of Strathbeg
by 34

Canada goose on reflection

Courtesy of Richard Straton
Posted to: Havergate Island
by 36

Brown Hare

Action shot of this hare all feet are off the ground,taken on Havergate Island on the 10/4/10
Posted to: Havergate Island
by 34

No boxing but lots of kissing

Posted to: Havergate Island
by 31

Common Orb weaver

This spider was one of the many little creatures caught at Ashway gap during our bug hunt on Saturday...
Posted to: Dove Stone
by 39

Great tit

Photo courtesy of John Parker
Posted to: Dove Stone
by 39

Mistle Thrush or Skylark?

Posted to: Havergate Island
by 30