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Places to visit

Places to visit
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  • Langford Lowfields

    Moult migration....

    Despite the relatively quiet winter period for bird sightings, we continue to pull in some good stuff in the last week. Peregrine and barn owl are still regular across the site, with a chance of marsh harrier and merlin always worth bearing in mind. The...
  • Dearne Valley

    Boom Boom Boom – Sightings 26 Jan.

    Hi Folks! The title? No, not Private Baldrick’s attempt at war poetry nor the catch phrase of a famous puppet (whatever happened to Basil? He must be the oldest fox in show business by now). No, my title comes from a cracking day at Old Moor . Yes...
  • Strumpshaw Fen and the Broads

    Recent sightings 26 January

    Although distant, the orange legs and bill of the bean goose stand out amongst the pink feet The famous four are still being seen at Strumpshaw bearded tit, marsh harrier, otter, bittern, although the only one of the four which is appearing regularly...
  • Crook of Baldoon

    January Post

    Well another year is here and with the harvest of the willow last September things are starting to move along planning has gone through and we have started to put drainage lines in to clear large pools of water so the contractor can get in as soon as...
  • Arne

    Recent Arne Sightings

    We had a nice busy weekend here at Arne for the Big Garden Birdwatch, and we'll have some pictures of what went on posted here soon! We've also been having some fantastic wildlife sightings with male and female hen harriers being reported almost...
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Pylon or cliff?

Sometimes it pays to look here.
Posted to: Dearne Valley
by 4

Black-tailed Godwit - 13 11 14

Feeding on wet meadows, 1st Meadow Pool. Outstretched wings show white wing bars.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 53

Black-tailed Godwit feeding side by side - 13 12 14

They were feeding on the margins of the flooded meadow in front of the screen, 1st Meadow Pool - very...
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 47

Black-tailed Godwit - 13 12 14

Hunting on wet meadows round Meadow Pools. Campfield Marsh.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 36

Little Egret and Grey Heron, 28 11 14

Curious how they seem to associate with each other!
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 43

Black-tailed Godwits on marsh front - 10 11 14

A group of 16 had collected on the marsh edge at high tide.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 43

Willow Tit on vegetation. 24 11 14

Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 30

Tufted duck on the Meadow Pools - 5 11 14.

An infrequent visitor to the Reserve
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 48

Promise of a fine day on the 'morrow , 2 11 14

Vivid sunset over the Reserve.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 49

Wigeon feeding with Whooper Swans - 2 11 14

Taking advantage of the disturbance of food the Whooper Swans made as they were upending.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 48

Whooper Swans landing - 1 11 14

Joining the rest of the group on the Meadow Pools, Campfield Marsh RSPB Reserve.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 25

Little Egrets - 10 11 14

Six Little Egrets near Scargavel point - Campfield Marsh.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 30