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Places to visit

Places to visit
Do you love our nature reserves? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Dearne Valley

    Sunday the 23rd & the Sightings!

    Hello, it's me, not Andrew as I said yesterday....I was at OM & Andrew was busy baking, hopefully lots of mince pies for us all :) The sun came out again for the last hour or so today and Old Moor just looked stunning in the late afternoon...
  • Saltholme

    Saturday Photos 22 November

    After a poor start the sun came out and we have had a lovely autumn day. I spent a little time in Paddy's Pool hide where Lockhart had his 'scope trained on a Merlin perched on one of its favourite posts. It was a little too far, and too misty...
  • Dearne Valley

    Saturday the 22nd & the Sightings

    Hello, I spent a couple of hours at Old Moor this afternoon and for the last hour the sun was out giving everything a lovely glow around the reserve. My highlight today was a few magical minutes spent watching a weasel (small, brown tail) on Green...
  • Minsmere

    You never know what you'll see

    The saying couldn't be more true this week as a couple of surprise sightings have kept staff and visitors on their toes, and our regular species have competed for their share of the action. Perhaps the biggest surprise was a stunning drake eider...
  • Loch Garten osprey diary

    Breagha and Millie update

    Just a quick update on Breagha and Millicent. They have just continued what they have been doing over the last several weeks. Both birds appear to be well and continue to travel around their small adopted territories in W Africa.
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хеджирования воробей только для дзе

posted for jo treesparrow lol
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Zebra Jumping Spider.

A Zebra Jumping Spider taken by the Marshland Discovery Center on 09-04-10.
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Ze Team!

on the way to measure the trees, happy bunnies..well one at least because the two others haven't...
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Zane's mobile

Photo: Daniel Tabor 2011
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Hungry heron attempting large pike meal.
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Say no more... !
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You're just a big teasle!

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You're back then?

Sika stag on Coombe Heath. Taken 6th March 2012.
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Your place or mine?

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your nuts

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Youngsters trying to fly

Two 'chicks' flexing their wings in the wind, on the day that No. 2 fledges....
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youngsters need feeding !

Baby Longtailed tits in nest at caravan site at Wortwell
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