Places to visit

Places to visit

Places to visit
Do you love our nature reserves? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Rainham Marshes

    Nature's Got Talent!

    Nature's Got Talent - vote to save it! (Please visit the site to view this video) A vote for Bob is a vote for nature. P.S. The above is what happens when you give Howard squirrel and hedgehog cuddly toys...
  • Leighton Moss

    Guess who's back?!

    We're utterly over the moon that BBC Autumnwatch have decided to base themselves here for the second year in a row. The whole kit and caboodle arrived over the past couple of days and now they're all very much here, set up, and out and about capturing...
  • Rainham Marshes

    Wennington works - X marks the spot...

    Hello, You've probably seen the couple of blogs about the works going on over on Wennington - creating a series of new shallow scrapes and drains across the marsh that would considerably enhance the marsh for wildlife... (If not, find out more...
  • South Essex

    Lots of bearded tits

    Bearded tit (by Andy Hay ( Bearded tits have been particularly active recently; now is a great time of year to see them as young birds flock up in preparation to disperse and find new homes. Vange Marsh is the best place to see them...
  • Dearne Valley


    Hello, here are the sightings from yesterday which are taken solely from the Barnsley Birders on twitter... Great news that a bittern was seen yesterday afternoon at Old Moor! There was a whooper swan on the Mere first thing, it then flew off towards...
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хеджирования воробей только для дзе

posted for jo treesparrow lol
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Zebra Jumping Spider.

A Zebra Jumping Spider taken by the Marshland Discovery Center on 09-04-10.
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by 41

Ze Team!

on the way to measure the trees, happy bunnies..well one at least because the two others haven't...
Posted to: Forsinard Flows
by 19

Zane's mobile

Photo: Daniel Tabor 2011
Posted to: Mull of Galloway - Gallery
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Hungry heron attempting large pike meal.
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Say no more... !
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You're just a big teasle!

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You're back then?

Sika stag on Coombe Heath. Taken 6th March 2012.
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Your place or mine?

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your nuts

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Youngsters trying to fly

Two 'chicks' flexing their wings in the wind, on the day that No. 2 fledges....
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youngsters need feeding !

Baby Longtailed tits in nest at caravan site at Wortwell
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