Places to visit

Places to visit

Places to visit
Do you love our nature reserves? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Frampton Marsh

    More art to enjoy

    We do like a bit of art, here at Frampton Marsh. And I'm pleased to say we now have something new for you to enjoy. Students at Boston College have created sculptural textiles work, inspired by a visit to the reserve. Obviously this would not last...
  • Crook of Baldoon

    Spring into Summer

    Well it looks by the forecast the long dry spell is over but the wild flower meadow back in May needs the rain and some of the ditches need a top up. The spring and summer has been kind to the nesting birds with improvement to the fledging numbers...
  • Titchwell Marsh


    At lunchtime on June 15 th I took a call from a friend on the reserve saying he thought he had a great knot on the fresh marsh. Knowing how rare that was, I headed down to the lagoons to check it out. By the time I arrived, Chris had a big smile and confirmed...
  • Charlie's Blacktoft Blog

    Waders, bearded tits and spoonbills...........

    The end of June often see's a resurgence of migration through the reserve when many wetland birds stop off and join the breeding birds on the lagoons. This morning started lovely and sunny and as soon as I walked onto the reserve I had that gut...
  • Saltholme

    Come and see the Avocet chick

    We have a week old Avocet chick in the Saltholme Scrape in front of Saltholme Hide. Come and see it before it grows up !
Latest photos
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Winter wonderland.

Posted to: The Lodge
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Resting Dragonfly

Dragonfly at RSPB Otmoor on the walk down to the hide.
Posted to: Otmoor
by 98

Red-Backed Shrike.

A watercolour sketch of a rare visitor to Biggleswade common on a hot day in September. It was quite...
Posted to: The Lodge
by 51

A magical merlin

One jeff prepared earlier - thanks!
Posted to: Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
by 110

gannet nest building

waited a while at trouphead in fact 3 hours is normal for me just watching these amazing powerful birds...
Posted to: Troup Head
by 212

Red Kite - another goor raptor for Wallasea

- 25th September, stood at eastern end of the wetlands and spotted a raptor coming low over the water...
Posted to: Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
by 67

Waxwings in Hesketh Bank

Taken today at around 14:30pm in Poppyfields off Station Road. There were x9 birds in total and they...
Posted to: Hesketh Out Marsh
by 82

Corn Bunting

Posted to: Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
by 65

female Marsh Harrier

The same bird as my previous photo comes low past my position.
Posted to: Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
by 77

Inquisitive visitor

- sometimes seals come through the breaches on high tide and this fellow was sat just off the saltmarsh...
Posted to: Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
by 85

peacock butterfly

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Osprey, surprise visitor

This adult Osprey was a surpise visitor, fishing on the river Roach off the eastern end of Wallasea on...
Posted to: Wallasea Island Wild Coast project
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