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Places to visit

Places to visit
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Latest blog posts
  • Mersehead

    A look back through 2014

    2014 started with some major highs! High winds, high rainfall and some of the highest tides of the year all combining together to create some of the highest levels of flooding seen here at Mersehead in many a year. But despite all this, the team pulled...
  • Blacktoft Sands

    A Real Christmas Quacker - A Wetland Full Of Waterfowl

    It may be mild and with no snow on the horizon but the reserve is currently teaming with wildfowl and waders, birds of prey and plenty of other Christmas goodies . It was also the winter solstice yesterday and the shortest day finished with a real nice...
  • Loch Garten osprey diary

    Merry Christmas!

    Our young ospreys continue to do well and Mike reports that nothing much has changed. Both Millicent and Breagha have continued to explore their adopted territories in Mauritania and Senegal, respectively. The data points do not show much movement...
  • Rainham Marshes

    Woodland Closed Today 22/12/14

    The woodland will be closed today until the high wind conditions change. This means that there is no access to the woodland area, cordite store, and the loop round the back of the woodland. You will be able to visit the viewing platform by the cordite...
  • Saltholme

    Fieldfares for Christmas

    Our summer avian visitors have long since gone but their place has been taken by birds which breed far to the North of us, taking advantage of our mild winters. Two blogs ago Dean discussed the Golden Plovers, but this last week the obvious winter visitors...
Latest photos
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Black-tailed Godwit - 13 11 14

Feeding on wet meadows, 1st Meadow Pool. Outstretched wings show white wing bars.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 16

Black-tailed Godwit feeding side by side - 13 12 14

They were feeding on the margins of the flooded meadow in front of the screen, 1st Meadow Pool - very...
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 12

Black-tailed Godwit - 13 12 14

Hunting on wet meadows round Meadow Pools. Campfield Marsh.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 7

Little Egret and Grey Heron, 28 11 14

Curious how they seem to associate with each other!
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 10

Black-tailed Godwits on marsh front - 10 11 14

A group of 16 had collected on the marsh edge at high tide.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 11

Willow Tit on vegetation. 24 11 14

Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 6

Tufted duck on the Meadow Pools - 5 11 14.

An infrequent visitor to the Reserve
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by 15

Promise of a fine day on the 'morrow , 2 11 14

Vivid sunset over the Reserve.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 14

Wigeon feeding with Whooper Swans - 2 11 14

Taking advantage of the disturbance of food the Whooper Swans made as they were upending.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 15

Whooper Swans landing - 1 11 14

Joining the rest of the group on the Meadow Pools, Campfield Marsh RSPB Reserve.
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by 8

Little Egrets - 10 11 14

Six Little Egrets near Scargavel point - Campfield Marsh.
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by 10

Little Egrets hunting on Campfield Marsh - 10 11 14

Three of eleven Little Egrets seen hunting in the dubs on the saltmarsh.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 5