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Places to visit

Places to visit
Do you love our nature reserves? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Dearne Valley

    And the book was a bit bare today...

    Hello, the book was a bit bare today but here goes... From the Tree Sparrow Farm there were sightings of a brambling, redwing, yellowhammer and there was a vole seen in the pond there. On Wath Ings there was a sighting of 9 whooper swans and a snipe...
  • Titchwell Marsh

    January 31st 2015 - Today at Titchwell

    Unsurprisingly, all the the highlights were this morning before the wind, rain and sleet set in!! Snow bunting - 12 west along beach Ruff - 17 on fresh marsh Water pipit - 1 on drained grazing meadow pool with 3 rock pipits Bittern - 1 from...
  • Coombes & Churnet Valley

    Volunteering at Coombes: What have you got planned for 2015?

    Do you have the right aptitude and enthusiasm ? Want to build skill and experience to get a paid position with the RSPB ? We’ve got a wonderful opportunity for an enthusiastic and innovative individual to come and live/ commute daily to Coombes...
  • Loch Leven

    Friday, 30th Jan

    This week saw the return of the White-tailed Eagles , spotted on Reed Bower last Sunday, together with colder more wintery conditions. The frozen pools meant fewer birds around on the wetland area, however Vane Bay remained unfrozen. On the 26th...
  • Mersehead

    Was That Spring?

    At the start of the week there were mutterings that Spring was slowly starting to arrive, with snowdrops popping through, catkins appearing and birds stretching their vocal chords. However, as most will have noticed, the cold weather returned midweek...
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Flight of Black Tailed Godwits - Jan 2015

Some of several hundred Black Tailed Godwits flying over the North Brooks from Nettley's Hide
Posted to: Phil Thornton's Pulborough Brooks Photos
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Snipe on Ice 23/1/2015

Frozen Floodwater Pools after a hard frost had the effect of driving the Snipe out into the open so they...
Posted to: Phil Thornton's Pulborough Brooks Photos
by 2

Pylon or cliff?

Sometimes it pays to look here.
Posted to: Dearne Valley
by 13

Black-tailed Godwit - 13 11 14

Feeding on wet meadows, 1st Meadow Pool. Outstretched wings show white wing bars.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 54

Black-tailed Godwit feeding side by side - 13 12 14

They were feeding on the margins of the flooded meadow in front of the screen, 1st Meadow Pool - very...
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 47

Black-tailed Godwit - 13 12 14

Hunting on wet meadows round Meadow Pools. Campfield Marsh.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 36

Little Egret and Grey Heron, 28 11 14

Curious how they seem to associate with each other!
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 46

Black-tailed Godwits on marsh front - 10 11 14

A group of 16 had collected on the marsh edge at high tide.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
by 44

Willow Tit on vegetation. 24 11 14

Posted to: Campfield Marsh
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Tufted duck on the Meadow Pools - 5 11 14.

An infrequent visitor to the Reserve
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
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Promise of a fine day on the 'morrow , 2 11 14

Vivid sunset over the Reserve.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
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Wigeon feeding with Whooper Swans - 2 11 14

Taking advantage of the disturbance of food the Whooper Swans made as they were upending.
Posted to: Campfield Marsh
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