Places to visit

Places to visit

Places to visit
Do you love our nature reserves? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Mull of Galloway - Blog

    Recent sightings: strange comings and goings

    The Mull of Galloway in September and October is a fascinating place to be. The cliffs have fallen silent as the last of the breeding seabirds the fulmars, kittiwakes and their chicks have finally moved out to sea. Time then to turn our attentions to...
  • Islay - Blog


    Well, maybe slightly optimistic at this point, but after Thursdays inspiring count a wee check on Sunday showed a whole 26! If geese featured in a James Bond flick this is basically the opening title sequence. The wind is still coming in strong...
  • Saltholme


    At the weekend, I was walking by the Wildlife watchpoint hide when I noticed a number of moths resting on a dandelion head. These are Nettle-taps ( Anthophila fabriciana ), fairly common and widespread micromoths that fly during the day. They feed...
  • Minsmere

    Everything is (not) awesome

    On Sunday 21 September we organised a beach clean at Minsmere as part of the annual Beachwatch weekend, organised by the Marie Conservation Society (MCS). Groups of volunteers were out and about around the coasts of the UK collecting, recording and bagging...
  • Geltsdale

    Bats at Geltsdale

    Despite a quiet night for bats last night, a male Natterer’s bat , ringed at a limekiln on the reserve September 2013, was caught again last night at the same site. This is our first bat to be ‘re-trapped’ as part of this licensed, volunteer...
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Coal tit on window feeder

This cheeky fellow landed on my window feeder at The Lodge to grab a sunflower seed
Posted to: The Lodge
by 87

Bee on purple flower

I took this photo in the formal gardens at The Lodge - great for insects!
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by 87

Damselfly loveheart

The old swimming pool in the gardens is now a whopping big wildlife pond. Take a look during spring and...
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by 127


Smooth newts can be seen in the smaller ponds at The Lodge. This was taken at the pond on the old heath...
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by 123


The sheep at The Lodge help to control (eat) vegetation in some parts of the reserve.
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by 141

Autumn splendour

The gardens look great right through the year at The Lodge. Here's a view of the back of the 19th...
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by 127

Hornet mimicing hoverfly

We saw this beast on one of the buddleia bushes at The Lodge. It's cool isn't it?
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by 120

Aug 2nd 2009 Our 3 Osprey "chicks"

Snip taken from a view of the nest
Posted to: Loch garten ospreys
by 129

Garten? 02-0809

Capture from LG cam
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by 68

The Osprey Centre

A Loch Garten osprey's view of the Visitor Centre. Now everybody wave!
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by 74

The earth moved

Well it's started this small beast will move upto 40 tons in a load but it will still take 3 months...
Posted to: Titchwell Marsh
by 103


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by 62