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Places to visit

Places to visit
Do you love our nature reserves? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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a pose in the heather

My day at Arne just got better and better, this beautiful animal posed for a photo, a photographer's...
Posted to: Arne
by 67

Female Raft Spider

Female raft spider (Dolomedes fimbriatus) guards her lair against the advances of a male suitor. Shed...
Posted to: Arne
by 37

I Can See You 3

Posted to: Arne
by 16

Plums & Custard (Tricholomopsis rutilans)

I had never seen this fungi before last Autumn at Arne, It's a real beauty in terms of both form...
Posted to: Arne
by 25

Siskin today at Arne

Lovely Male Siskin
Posted to: Arne
by 199

The Car Park Attendant!

Arne 18/03/12 Trying Bird photography instead of planes and trains. Even joined up! Arne - I will...
Posted to: Arne
by 29

With Open Arms

Posted to: Lochwinnoch
by 81

Especially for Mhairi !!!

Mhairi wanted a shot of one of these little ones on a scrape ,if possible,I did manage one,very distant...
Posted to: Hodbarrow
by 38

Snow on the ground

Posted to: Hodbarrow
by 14

Hairy dragonfly attacks and eats a Four-spot dragonfly!

I was at Lakenheath recently (Monday 4th) and witnessed a Hairy dragonfly capture and eat a Four-spotted...
Posted to: Lakenheath Fen
by 64


swan on low level fly-over today at Lakenheath Fen 24/3/12 2pm
Posted to: Lakenheath Fen
by 23

Steppe Grey Shrike (Mark Sullivan)

The bird shows very well at times and Mark has taken advantage to get some great pictures.
Posted to: Loch of Strathbeg
by 31