December, 2011

Dove Stone

Dove Stone
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Dove Stone

  • Astro-night update

    A quick post before tonight just to say that we're still going ahead with this evening.  A little bit of snow here but nothing settling - yet ! The Met Office are forecasting for clear skies this evening - but not until a little later...



  • Astro-Night

    Not long to go now.  The snow arrived sometime in the early hours of this morning.  However,  not that much has fallen really so we should be okay for tonight.  And the Met Office are now forecasting clear skies from 9pm;  this is good ! Last night cleared around that time too and it was quite good.

    Update coming later in the day...


  • Friday Night is Astro-Night

    This Friday sees Dove Stone first astronomy night.  We originally chose this week in which to do this as the Geminids meteor shower peaks tonight.  It's not a good year for them this year as the peak coincides with the moon being quite full,  which obviously impacts upon visibility.

    Back to Friday night - despite this hopefully we might still some of the Geminids shower.  There's quite a lot of other things going on too throughout the afternoon and evening from 4pm.  We have a viewing area next to Dove Stone's sailing club from where we can watch the night sky through scopes.  Inside the sailing club we have a talk at 6pm followed by an evening of guided walks,  an astro-photography workshop,  a model to explore the size of the universe,  a scope / kit demo and various other bits and pieces such as a number of laptops with Stellarium which is like a virtual version of the night sky.  It's obviously coming up to the festive season so a good excuse for mince pies and mulled wine too !

    And the forecast is looking promising - clear and bright.

    Full details on the events listing of the Dove Stone pages...