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  • A Valentine Ring with a difference

    Last Saturday we were joined by local qualified bird ringers for a Valentine's Day bird ringing session.

    Despite the damp weather around 30 birds were successfully ringed including a great spotted woodpecker, jay and wood pigeon.

    Ringing birds can help our understanding of what is happening to birds in the places they live and how this affects population increases and decreases, this knowledge is vital for conservation. It also gives information on the movements individual birds make and how long many live for. You can help by looking out for ringed birds and reporting them (for more information on how to do this see the BTO webpage

    You can see some photos from the day below.

  • What's been seen around Binn Green!

    We've had a few sightings of bramblings this week, also goldfinches feeding in the larches, a redpoll, reed bunting and a weasel. There were siskins around last week as well as a mistle thrush, a pair of great spotted woodpeckers, tree creeper, nuthatch and the usual selection of great tits, blue tits, coal tits, chaffinches, greenfinches, blackbirds and robins.



  • There's no business like snow business...!

    Just sharing some beautiful snowy Dove Stone photos from regular volunteer and local naturalist Ken Gartside.



    Some more of our dedicated volunteers having a well earned break from woodland work

    Hare tracks

    Roe deer feeding point

    Roe deer tracks. Even though the animals themselves may be shy or elusive, its a great time of year for seeing tracks and knowing they have been around!


    That's all folks!