Dove Stone

Dove Stone

Dove Stone
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Dove Stone

  • On the feeders

    Seen yesterday at the feeding station next to the main car were Greenfinch,  Goldfinch,  Great tit,  Nuthatch and Lesser redpoll.  Elsewhere around Dove Stone there have been recent sightings of Oystercatcher,  Common sandpiper,  Reed bunting,  Buzzard,  Swallow,  Meadow pippit,  Grey wagtail and Mistle thrush.  




  • Fledging Update

    Tuesday's misty,  rainy start gave way to a really lovely sunny afternoon.  

    Over at Ashway Gap there was no sign of our last two young Peregrines on the nest ledge,  meaning they fledged either earlier on Tuesday or possibly on Monday.  A Pied Wagtail was making the most of the empty ledge. From where I was standing I could hear Curlews calling but there was no sign of the Peregrines on the crag. 

    I didn't have to wait long though until I heard them calling and I was able to watch what was a really exciting and at times quite beautiful aerial display in which  two of the Peregrines ( possibly one of the young birds and an adult ) went into short stoops and flew around each other and at times in parallel to each other in perfect synchronicity.  That's going to stay with me for quite some time.     

    Sad news from the Manchester Peregrines with one of the birds being found dead,  killed through,  we suspect,  flying into a window.




  • Mid-June Sightings

    A quick update for this week.   Starting from the main carpark still plenty of House Martins and Swallows around - particularly flying along the reservoir bank.  Regulars such as Greenfinch, Goldfinch and Pied Wagtail can be seen around the feeders at the main carpark.  Willow Warblers still to be heard also.  Earlier in the week on Wednesday there were good sightings of Spotted Flycatcher across from the Life for a Life woods. 

    Also on Wednesday over at Chew Brook  we've had sightings of a Stoat hunting around the grassy tussocks.  Around Chew Valley there have been good views of Meadow Pipits doing their parachuting display.  Also Common Sandpipers to be seen.  Unfortunately we think that the Little Ringed Plover that were on Chew Res have failed.  Elsewhere around the estate there have been sightings today of Blackcap and Kestrel and the Redstarts are still around.  Also sightngs of Siskin.  No particularly recent sightings however of Pied Flycatchers.  We're wondering whether they've moved on. . . More news on this when we know for certain.  Our Great Spotted Woodpecker chicks have now fledged.  Also around and about this week sightings of Raven and a Pheasant with about six or seven young - one of which is a black melanistic bird.  Headsup for anyone thinking of  visiting Dove Stone - the midges have been quite bad recently. 

    More soon...