February, 2012


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  • Will you be able to spot our nest boxes?

    The Dungeness Purple Herons had a great morning on Saturday celebrating National Nest Box week. Having designed an incredible array of nest boxes including some for puffins, nuthatches, reed bunting and mute swans - that last design was rather too enormous! - they decided on a blue tit box and discussed how best to camouflage their boxes using natural items sourced from around the car park. The results were fantastic and the finished boxes will be secreted in the scrubby areas around the car park - will anyone actually be able to spot them? Let's hope the blue tits can!

  • Not so secretive bitterns...

    Bitterns seem to be everywhere at the moment.  Even participants in our bittern safaris yesterday managed to connect with several!!  It's hard to tell exactly how many are on site at the moment but it must be nearing double figures.

    Smew numbers are still good with four drakes and 21 redheads present over the weekend.  There have been daily sightings of great white egret but it has been a little difficult to establish whether there is more than one bird here at the moment.

    A glossy ibis was spotted over Denge Marsh yesterday afternoon but unfortunately it just flew higher and higher and further and further away.

    There was a brief sighting of a penduline tit from the Hanson-ARC hide at about 1 pm today and a firecrest was seen near the water tower pits.


  • A good day to see an elusive bird...

    A male penduline tit was spotted from the Hanson-ARC hide first thing this morning and surprisingly remained in view either there or along the willow trail for most of the day.

    A water pipit near the Springfield bridge and a firecrest near the viewing screen were also of note. The long-tailed duck, at least 14 smew, the great white egret and several bitterns are all still present.