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  • Christmas!

    The Christmas decorations are up and Christmas is creeping closer. The shop in the visitor centre at Dungeness has lots of Christmas cards, crackers and decorations and plenty of gifts for you to buy. So pop in and do your Christmas shopping in some calm beautiful surrounds away from the melee of the high street.

    The visitor centre at RSPB Dungeness is open every day from 10am to 4pm (except for Christmas Day and Boxing Day when the reserve is closed).

    We also have some special offers to tempt you!

     Racing robins crackers

    Suet gift box special offer


  • Sightings 19th - 29th November 2014

    White fronted goose – near Boulderwall Farm on 25th.

    Goldeneye – four females on Burrowes pit on 28th.

    Smew - one redhead at ARC on 28th.

    Goosander – four females on Burrowes pit on 28th

    Pintail – on Burrowes and ARC pits on 24th


    Black-necked grebe – one on Burrowes pit on 27th.

    Slavonian grebe – one at Scott hide on 23rd

    Bittern – one at Denge Marsh on 28th.

    Great white egret – seven from Dennis’s hide, one at Denge Marsh and one on new diggings on 28th.

    Cattle egret – one at Denge Marsh/Hookers pits on 26th.


    Merlin – over Denge Marsh on 25th.

    Buzzard – two over Denge Marsh on 25th.

    Water rail – six in willow trail at ARC on 26th.

    Snipe – at Denge Marsh and ARC water tower pits on 28th.


    Caspian gull - on Burrowes pit on 26th.

    Yellow legged gull - on Burrowes on 22nd


    Kingfisher - at Denge Marsh on 27th.

    Barn owl – near Boulderwall Farm on 26th.


    Mistle thrush – one at ARC on 24th.

    Chiffchaff – at ARC on 28th.

    Sedge warbler – two near Burrowes pit on 26th.

    Goldcrest – near Burrowes pit on 28th.

    Firecrest – in the willow trail at ARC on 26th.

    Goldfinch – at Visitor Centre on 22nd

    Long-tailed tit – lots at ARC on 28th.

    Tree sparrow – on car park feeders on 28th.

  • Sightings 15th - 21st November 2014

    Brent goose - 68 flying SW over Burrowes pit on 18th

    Goldeneye – four on ARC pit on 21st.

    Smew - one redhead at the ARC pit on 21st.

    Goosander – two females on Burrowes pit on 19th.

    Pintail – two on Burrowes pit on 19th.


    Black-necked grebe - one at Scott hide and at ARC on 20th.

    Slavonian grebe – one at ARC pit on 20th

    Bittern – one at Denge Marsh on 20th.

    Great white egret – four on Burrowes pit on 21st but groups of seven seen earlier in the week.

    Cattle egret – two at Denge Marsh on 21st.


    Peregrine – from Scott hide on 19th.

    Merlin – over Denge Marsh on 16th.

    Golden plover – large flock near Boulderwall Farm on 16th.

    Black-tailed godwit - on Burrowes on 18th.

    Water rail – at Denge Marsh on 20th.


    Caspian gull - two on Burrowes pit on 21st.

    Yellow Legged gull - two on Burrowes on 19th

    Mediterranean gull - one on Burrowes on 18th


    Swallow – one in car park on 18th.

    Kingfisher - at ARC on 20th.

    Short-eared owl – over return trail on 16th.


    Stonechat – two along entrance track on 16th.

    Chiffchaff – at Christmas dell on 21st.

    Goldcrest – in the willow trail at ARC on 21st.

    Goldfinch – eleven between Scott hide and Christmas dell on 19th.

    Siskin – six at ARC on 15th.

    Brambling – on car park on 19th.


    Raven – over Denge Marsh on 19th.