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  • Recent sightings at Dungeness 20th-29th Jan

    What a mix of weather we have had here this week. A gorgeous sunny day yesterday to an extremely windy and wet day here today. Some interesting wildlife was seen this week including a slavonian grebe, jack snipe and even a very unseasonal peacock butterfly!


    Recent highlights:

    Brent goose – 2 at Denge Marsh on 26th


    Smew – 2 drake 4 redhead Burrowes pit on 29th

    Goldeneye –on Burrowes pit on 29th            

    Goosander – on Burrowes pit on 26th

    Wigeon – at ARC on 25th

    Red-crested pochard – drake at Scott hide on 24th   


    Black-necked grebe – at ARC on 28th    

    Slavonian grebe – at Dennis’s hide on 29th    


    Shag – 2 on Burrowes pit on 28th

    Great white egret – at Denge Marsh on 28th    

    Bittern – at Denge Marsh on 26th     


    Peregrine – over Denge Marsh on 26th       

    Merlin – at ARC on 24th  

    Sparrowhawk –  over car park on 29th  

    Hen harrier – ringtail from access track on 28th  

    Buzzard – over Denge Marsh on 25th      


    Water rail – on the dipping pond on 28th

    Snipe – at Christmas dell on 21st      

    Jack Snipe – at ARC viewing screen on 28th  


    Long-eared owl – 2 roosting in willow on the far side of the dipping pond on 27th   

    Barn owl – at Denge Marsh on 20th    


    Kingfisher – at Burrowes pit on 29th

    Green woodpecker – path near Burrowes pit on 21st


    Chiffchaff – Near Burrowes pit on 29th  

    Bearded tit – at ARC on 24th    

    Penduline tit – from viewing ramp and then from Lydd footpath at Hookers pits on 24th     

    Long-tailed tit –ARC on 25th

    Firecrest – between Scott and Christmas Dell on 28th

    Goldcrest – Christmas Dell hide on 29th    

    Redpoll – at Denge Marsh on 24th


    Raven – over Burrowes pit on 25th     


    Peacock butterfly – seen near Scott hide on 25th


    Remember it's the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend! Don't forget to take part and enjoy bird watching in your own garden.

  • Take a closer look – binocular and telescope demonstration events - 31st January 2016

    Thinking of buying binoculars or a telescope? 

    Whether you know a bit or don't know where to start, come to the RSPB Dungeness Visitor Centre on 31st January 2016 between 2pm and 4pm and get some hands on advice from our friendly team and have the chance to try them out.

    Our friendly and knowledgeable volunteers and staff will be available to assist you. 

     If you cannot make this date, do not worry. Other demonstration dates are available and the visitor centre is open every day from 10am to 4pm if you should wish to drop by and take a look.

    Forthcoing binocular and telescope demonstration events at RSPB Dungeness:

    Sunday 31st January 2016 2pm to 4pm

    Weds 3rd February 2016 10,30am to 12.30pm

    Weds 10th February 2pm to 4pm

    Weds 24th February 2pm to 4pm

    Sat 5th March 10am to 4pm

    Sun 6th March 10am to 4pm

  • Stock up for Big Garden Bird Watch

    Great ready for the Big Garden Bird Watch weekend on 30/31 January!

    Stock up on feeders and bird food at the Dungeness shop.

    We have a special offer at the moment - buy a premium suet ball feeder and 50 buggy suet balls for £15.25 - a saving of £10

    Here are some of our bird feeder products in action on the reserve.

    (Photos courtesy of Neil Obbard.)


    Blue tit and great tit on a Dual suet feeder (£7.25)



    Sparrow on a Clingers seed feeder (£11.99)



    Greenfinch on Easy-clean seed feeder (small £14.99 medium £18.99)

    The shop at the Visitor Centre at RSPB Dungeness is open every day from 10am to 4pm.