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  • Bob spotted at Dungeness...

    ...according to the wildlife garden blackboard, anyway! Also seen this week, a small and excellently camouflaged smooth newt with a big message - if you haven't already, Vote for Bob here
  • Montegu's harriers and kingfishers delight visitors!

    Hello all, You've all been out enjoying the reserve and making the most of the summer this week - one lucky family today managed to get Gold Spot and Score certificates for their excellent wildlife spotting skills. Among their lucky spots were...
  • Whose been sneaking around your garden..?

    ..and have they left any messages like the ones that have appeared in ours? Have you voted for Bob yet? If not, do it here - it only takes a minute. Your countryside needs you!
  • Vote for Bob!

    As you will know, Dungeness is famous for giving homes to loads of rare bumblebees, but this really took the biscuit! Yesterday a big friendly bumblebee visited RSPB Dungeness to pass on a special message from its friend Bob... This lovely...
  • Great white egrets the weekend is here!

    Hi everyone, As an update to last week's recent sightings roundup, here's a picture of that common gull chick, who is doing very well indeed. It must be a strong one as it did well to survive all the recent rain showers and blustery weather...
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