Spring is definitely in the air as can be seen from our nest box camera!

One of our many pairs of tree sparrows has begun preparing a nest in our monitored nest box. If you are visiting our reserve be sure to pop in to the visitor centre and with just a little bit of patience you are highly likely to see them, via our monitor screen, bringing material in to the nest box.

If you would like to watch and listen to the birds feeding in your garden or see them nest, brood and raise a clutch of chicks from the comfort of your own home, check out our fantastic Nest Box and Feeder Camera available from our shop http://bit.ly/XwvzzQ 

Tree sparrow numbers have been in decline throughout the country but here at Fairburn Ings we have a very lively population that can often be seen on the feeders around the visitor centre.

Other regular visitors to our feeders include siskin, nuthatch, bullfinch, treecreeper and reed bunting along with various tits, finches and thrushes.

In the skies above the reserve, buzzard, red kite, sparrowhawk, kestrel and peregrine have been sighted regularly and large numbers of wigeon have been seen on the water. The male smew continues to be elusive to many visitors but is still being reported from Main bay.

Fox, roe deer and bank vole have all been seen this week and if the good weather continues we expect to start seeing some early butterflies and other insects take to the wing soon.