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Latest blog posts
  • Bittern bonanza!

    Three photographers have just posted their recent pics of a bittern on the Cambridgeshire Bird Club website. Fantastic! Here's the link .
  • Bittern swimming + merlin fly-past

    Matt Mellor has uploaded some photos of a bittern swimming on the Fowlmere Flickr website (best to google it). They were taken at c11.50 from Reedbed Hide, looking left at the pool that we have recently weeded. Another visitor saw a bittern in flight...
  • Bittern in view!

    On Friday I was shown some photos of a bittern out in the open on the area we've cut recently by the mere. This is the fourth sighting of a bittern this month (2nd, 4th, 6th, 9th), and the second where it was standing in that area by the mere. I hope...
  • Chiffchaff still here

    The chiffchaff that has been here for a couple of months was in the scrub at the end of the car park again this morning.
  • Off to a good start

    Blogging more frequently is not one of my New Year resolutions, but it is about time I posted something. My recent silence has not been due to laziness or even absentmindedness, but just being too busy. Now that the roosting starlings and clouds of...