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  • Scouts on Saturday

    In recent years we have developed a good relationship with a local scout troop who have done a lot for the reserve. They have worked on several projects - making and putting up bat boxes, coppicing, and reed raking and burning. This last task was a new...
  • Bittern undisturbed

    We were concerned that clearing the reeds in the ditches at the weekend might have upset 'our' bittern, but we needn't have worried. As the boats chugged around the reedbed we thought it might be flushed out, but there was no sign of it. Indeed...
  • Weekend reedbed work

    We have to cut the reeds in our ditches periodically to stop them getting clogged up, and several species of water birds benefit as a consequence. The number of pairs of little grebes always increases after the cutting has been done, and there are often...
  • Access road closed 11-13 Jan

    There is a notice on the single track road between Fowlmere and Melbourn announcing its closure for surfacing for 3 days from 11th to 13th January. I may have access to the reserve, but I suggest it is not worth trying to visit during those 3 days.
  • More goodies

    We have had some more good sightings since the fun of New Year's Day. On the 2nd a raven flew over the car park; this is a species we wouldn't expect to see. A bittern flew past Reedbed Hide at 16.34 on the 5th, presumably the same bird that...
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