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  • Saturday afternoon

    Just a quick summary of what has been seen today:- Several lucky people saw a bittern fly across the mere and drop into the reeds next to the meadow by Reedbed Hide at 4pm. A merlin has been seen outside the reserve recently, and was hunting over...
  • Roost action

    About 2500 starlings put on a magnificent display for half an hour this evening. This is not a large number in comparison with the better known roost sites, but we get them passing a few meters from Reedbed Hide before they swarm down into the reeds by...
  • Starling roost

    At 6pm this evening I saw about 500 starlings gathering to roost. This is not a particularly large number, but they made quite a spectacle against a magnificent sunset. I'll post a photo if I've got a decent image.
  • Plovers and partridges

    Yesterday I mentioned that the field opposite the reserve entrance is worth a look. I checked it as I left the reserve at 6pm and counted 509 lapwings and 14 golden plovers, although the latter were distant and difficult to see. There were also three...
  • A nice day

    It was such a nice day today that I decided to spend an hour on the reserve, at Spring and Reedbed Hides and the barn owl viewpoint. I haven't spent much time outdoors lately and some recent visitors have reported seeing 'nothing', but I needn't...
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