May, 2010


Do you love our Fowlsheugh nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!


  • puffins puffins puffins

    We had another guided walk last night, in fact we had to run two walks as we were oversubscribed.   As usual people were blown away by the seabird spectacle.  It was a lovely evening ,although the southerly winds were a bit chilly.   We saw puffins again, a total of 14, so, so far a 100 percent success rate.   Our guided walks will continue into June and July, chck the website for dates.

    A good number of the kittiwakes are now incubating eggs.   I will have to check my notes from previous years, but it feels they are a few days earlier than in recent years.  If this is true, it is maybe because there is a good supply of food (sand eels) and the  birds have been  able to get  themselves into a good breeding condition earlier.  There were certainly huge flocks of kittiwakes feeding on the water very close to the cliffs, so hopefully my theory is correct.   2009 was an excellent breeding season for seabirds across Scotland and this was related to a good plentiful supply of sandeels.    The theory is that the cold winter of 2008/9 was enough to cool the sea just enough and sandeels flourished.  Winter 2009/10 was even colder, so if this theory is correct, we are due another bumper seabird season.  Watch this space!

    Earlier in the day i was speaking with Year 1 Children from Mackie Academy.  They have been invited to design a poster to promote the wildlife spectacle that is Fowlsheugh.    The posters will be used around Stonehaven as part of our marketing tool.  The lucky winners will win a boat trip from Stonehaven to Fowlsheugh.  



  • Guided walks a go go

    Don't forget that the first of the season's guided walks at Fowlsheugh takes place tomorrow evening at 7pm. Booking is essential and there are still places available, so give us a ring on 01346 532234 (leave a message and we'll get back to you) or email .

    We can't guarantee puffins, but there's a very good chance that we will see them!


  • Seabird update

    Hi..we paid a quick visit to Fowlsheugh last Thursday, it is looking magnificent.   The birds are well into the swing of the breeding season.   We saw our first razorbill egg and the kittiwakes are well into nest building.  There were plenty of birds on the cliffs and on the water.  We also saw a peregrine, which flushed waves of birds off the cliffs as it flew by.      We visited the Stonehaven Brownie Group in the evening for some seabird activity fun.   the Brownies are drawing us some posters to advertise the keep an eye out for their work in Stonehaven.