An early visit down to Fowlsheugh this weekend to meet up with Robin and Toby from the RSPB film unit at the Lodge. They're currently touring the country (reaching Fowlsheugh via Northern Ireland on the their way north to Orkney!) to check out places to film seabirds over the coming season.

Despite the very very strong wind, Fowlsheugh managed to show itself off and looked lovely in the sunshine, even if it was probably best appreciated from inside the shelter! Most of Fowlsheugh's seabirds won't be returning for a while, unlike the Gannet already settling down on territory at Troup Head, but there are several Herring Gulls hanging around and we got nice views of Fulmar and Cormorant flying by as well as a couple of Grey Seals hauling out on the rocks.

Hopefully Robin and Toby were suitably impressed (either by Fowlsheugh or by the lovely cafe in Stonehaven we went to for coffee and to defrost a bit!) and we'll be seeing Fowlsheugh on film sometime in the next few months.