The Sparrowhawks back! 22nd Feb 2012

Gloucestershire reserves

Gloucestershire reserves
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Gloucestershire reserves

The Sparrowhawks back! 22nd Feb 2012

  • Hello really enjoyed my walk around Highnam woods last week, very quiet as usual and a peaceful walk, just the Buzzard flying above and the lovely white flowers covering the bank.

    After walking the dog, I put him back in the car ( windows open even this time of year). I went over to the feeding station, filled the bird tables up for the birds and Rattus norvegicus ( the cheeky brown rats) not forgetting our native grey squirrel.

    Within a few minutes several of the usual visitors arrived, blue tits, great tits , nuthatches etc a very enjoyable time was had.... after about an hour of study and relaxation , like a bullet  out of the corner of my eye the hawk appeared a swift sharp dive fly past and then he was gone.

     I do believe to his annoyance empty talons as well, I think he was slightly disorientated after the winter, and possibly something to do with his prize bird table repositioned and gone.

     Something tells me it won't belong before he has things sussed again !

    Or as Arnie would Say hasta la vista baby, I'll be back.


  • I have been there several times recently and seen him, though I have not seen him take anything since the old stand was broken. I managed to get two pictures of him today but unfortunately they are not too good - basically you can tell its a sparrowhawk but I have too much blur. I will get some clear shots eventually, if its the last thing I do!!!

  • He was there again this afternoon but this time he came from behind the hide so managed to outwit me again. One day I will get a better image!!


  • Many thanks Bob, I only have a point and shoot camera, I plan to invest this year, but have just paid out for a surprise 50th anniversary holiday for Mum and Dad, so would love to see someone capture pictures.

  • There are some pictures in my gallery, though as yet they are not perfect.

  • Cheers Bob will check them out,  I have just been given and old SLR film Camera so I plan to try it out soon .