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Do you love our Islay nature reserves? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!

Islay - Blog

  • Spring arrivals on The Oa

    Lots of migrants have been arriving over the past few days, with some great weather as well. Swallows, house martins, sand martins and wheatears have all been spotted.

    This chiffchaff was seen along with lots of willow warblers today.


    And two tree sparrows appeared yesterday. This is a rare species in this part of the country but has bred here in the past, so hopefully they will stick around.

  • Winter birds

    Definitely feels like winter hasn't released its grip just yet and the birds of note around the place tell the same story.

    This snow bunting turned up today on The Oa.

    and both Iceland Gull (below with Common Gull) and Glaucous Gull have been seen in the last few days around Loch Kinnabus.

    Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a close fly-by from a juvenile white-tailed sea eagle and get some snaps.

    Look at the size of the thing next to a herring gull!

  • Doe, a deer

    Bit of a different view out the office window today. This roe deer was outside grazing, happy to use our building as shelter.

    This is a female, known as a doe, the males are bucks. Just now the does are heavily pregnant while the bucks have nearly finished growing their antlers and will soon strip the protective velvet skin and prepare themselves for their breeding season in the coming months.