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Do you love our Islay nature reserves? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!

Islay - Blog

  • Seconds out

    Two new moths for me over the last few days and both turned out to be just the second records for Islay.

    This is a grass rivulet spotted by my wife at Kintra dunes on The Oa and only recorded once before on Islay in 1961.

    This is arran carpet, again only recorded once before on Islay in 1979. This came to a light trap on the RSPB Oa reserve the night before last. Thanks to Roy Leverton for verifying the identification of this tricky species.

  • Damsels and dragons

    After a couple of weeks away it was great to return to an Oa reserve buzzing with life. The poor spring seems to have held things back but now everything is appearing at once.

    Four-spotted chaser

    Dozens of common blue damselflies were mating and egg laying.

    Common blue butterfly

    This patch of wildflower meadow was full of orchids, silver y moths and small heath butterflies.

  • Moths and Egrets

    An exciting week last week with a Great White Egret at Loch Gruinart hide on Wednesday. The magnificent bird stayed for the whole afternoon - much to the annoyance of all the taunting lapwings!!

    There were also reports of beeaters at Port Charlotte on the same day so must have a good wind to bring all this excitement to the Island!

    Great White Egret - Richard Brooks (RSPB-images)

    What with 'summer' we are now in full swing of moth trapping as well. Below are just some of the amazing moths we've found...

    Buff Tip and White Ermine moths

    Poplar Hawkmoth

    Ghost moth

    A very old Cinnabar moth

    Elephant Hawkmoth

    Our moth of the month was definitely the Buff Tip with its amazing colouring just like a broken silver birch twig. This is a very common garden/ woodland moth throughout the whole of the UK but every time I see one I'm still amazed with the way they've adapted.

    Stay tuned for next months moths!

    Buff Tip moth