First things first, sorry for not updating you for so long, I have been on holiday to my native county of Dorset. I would love to fill you in with some of the fantastic wildlife that I saw, but now is not the time or the place! Instead, I will update you as to what has been happening here in my absence. The big news is that our two pairs of cranes have gone AWOL!

This is nothing really to worry about though, as for the past few years since they arrived, they have been known to "go for a wander" in August and September.  Although we do not know for certain where they are, they do have several places that they visit from time to time. The most likely place is on the Ouse Washes. They have been spent quite a lot of time there in the past, especially at the WWT reserve at Welney. Therefore, if you see a pair of cranes or a group of three cranes out in the Fens during the next few weeks, it might well be our birds on their late-summer holidays!

A red crested pochard has been knocking around the reserve for the last few days. These birds are very rare visitors to Britain. However, there is a small feral population of them in Britain now, and they nested at RSPB Titchwell for the first time last year. This particular individual female, and has been favouring several pools on the reserve at the West end of the reserve. Unfortunately, it is not easily visible from public paths on the reserve. However, it may relocate to the river washland where it will be easier to see.