It is amazing how things can change in a matter of days. Over the Easter weekend we were sunning ourselves and complaining that it was too hot. However, since the wind direction has changed and there is a distinct tinge of northerly in it, it has suddenly become quite chilly! There is still plenty to hear and see though.

The first swift of the year was seen on Sunday, and the sky was full of hobbys. Numbers of these aerobatic little falcons have increased steadily over the last couple of days and on Monday; there were at least 50 over the west end of the reserve! Also on Monday, there was a count of three garganeys, albeit a male and two females. So who knows, we may even have four of these beautiful little dabblers present.

A honey buzzard was seen by one lucky visitor flying east along the river on Sunday evening, and the escaped Harris hawk (which we have just identified as  a female) is being seen fairly regularly and is frequently bullied by the local marsh harriers. The reserve seems to be full of the sound of cuckoos, and several grasshopper warblers are in full voice.

As reported earlier, the first golden oriole was heard yesterday evening, and it was calling intermittently this morning. Unfortunately, these birds may be difficult to track down over the next week or so, especially if the wind remains as strong as it is at the moment and if it stays cool. However, I dare say there will be plenty of eyes looking for them so sightings are possible!