August, 2011

Lakenheath Fen

Lakenheath Fen
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Lakenheath Fen

  • The early bird catches the..... (hang on, what is it catching?!)

    Simon Evans, our local bird ringer was out on the reserve bright and early yesterday morning. He was so early in fact, that it wasn’t even fully light. Despite that, there were still one or two hobbys out and about feeing over the washland. You have to wonder what they were feeding on at this time of day. Is it bats? Is it moths? Who knows!  


    Simon also ringed a juvenile kingfisher, which is a good sign that they have nested in the area. He is heavily involved in the Suffolk barn owl project, and here is a photo of five fluffy bundles of joy that he ringed on the reserve in 2009:

    Photograph by Katherine Puttick

    He went to check on our resident pairs, and sadly one of the chicks was found dead in their nesting area. This still means that both pairs more than likely fledged four young each, which is especially good considering the cold winter.


    Recent highlights have included a couple of late swifts feeding over the washland with three hobbys on Monday evening, and a couple of good bittern sightings. There was a report of all five cranes from Joist Fen viewpoint, which is a great sign that they have all returned from their recent wanderings.


    According to the news this morning, today marks the end of summer. This also signifies that it is the beginning of my favourite season: autumn! If you are planning to visit the reserve in the next month or so, it is well worth talking a walk around the Brandon Fen family trail, as there is a lot of cover for migrants. Who knows, you may even find yourself a rarity?!


  • Moth list: Friday August 26th

    Here is a list of the moths that we trapped during our latest moth nigh on Friday August 26th:

    • ·         Pebble hook-tip
    • ·         Green carpet
    • ·         Buff footman
    • ·         Flame shoulder
    • ·         Large yellow underwing
    • ·         Dot moth
    • ·         Southern wainscot
    • ·         Common wainscot
    • ·         Angle shades
    • ·         Middle-barred minor
    • ·         Burnished brass
    • ·         Snout
    • ·         Antler moth
    • ·         Orange swift
    • ·         Vines rustic
    • ·         Six striped rustic
    • ·         Flounced rustic
    • ·         Square spot rustic
    • ·         Light emerald
    • ·         Cabbage moth
    • ·         Tawny speckled pug
    • ·         Frosted orange
    • ·         Straw underwing
    • ·         White point
    • ·         Webbs wainscot
    • ·         Turnip moth


    The two species highlighted were first records for the reserve. Also of interest were two extremely inquisitive dor beetles and a serotine bat between the visitor centre and East Wood. This was our last moth night of the year, but watch this space for next year’s events listings shortly.

  • Calling all excercise and wildlife enthusiasts! Run (and walk!) for wildlife Sunday September 11th

    Are you passionate about wildlife? Do you enjoy a nice long run or walk? If your answer is yes, then why not join us for our annual run (and walk!) for wildlife on Sunday September 11th 11am. There will be courses of 2km, 5km and 10km. All of the proceeds will go towards the society’s work. Refreshments and goodie bags will be provided after the run.


    All of the courses will be waymarked and will offer circular routes around the reserve. Part of the 10km route will go through areas of the reserve that are not open to the public, so they will offer a rare opportunity to visit these areas. There should be some interesting wildlife to see which could include bitterns, marsh harriers and even cranes.


    There is a suggested donation of £10 per participant. Alternatively, you can sponser yourself and donate the proceeds to the RSPB. If you are interested in taking part, please ring 01842 863400 or e-mail We will send you a registration form, some information about routes and a sponser form if required. We hope to see you there.