Lakenheath Fen

Lakenheath Fen
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  • Media: Male Bearded Reedling

    Male Beardie taken near the far end of the reserve early on the morning of Saturday 10th March 2012. This one was in a group of four moving along the edge of the reeds near the path, and being quite confiding.
  • Media: Bearded Reedlings - Panurus biarmicus

    At the moment there are over 100 pairs of beardies at Lakenheath Fen and I was fortunate enough to see a family group of 4 or 5 early on the 26th June. Here's two of them in an old elder tree near the Joist Fen viewpoint.
  • Media: Bearded Reedling/Bearded Tit - Panurus biarmicus

    One of a couple of "beardies" that all too briefly paused on the reeds beside the path. 3rd July 2010
  • Media: Bearded Reedling

    Bearded reedling carrying nesting material, Lakenheath Fen 12 May 2012.