November, 2011

Lake Vyrnwy

Lake Vyrnwy
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Lake Vyrnwy

  • Fancy a dip in the River Vyrnwy?

    Alright, I don’t mean swimming!

    Luke and his colleagues, have their accommodation close to the River Vyrnwy and their route home from the office takes them along the river path.

    On the 14th November a Dipper was spotted beside the Sculpture Park, and they were able to follow this beautiful bird for about 100 meters along side the river, and at one point came within 10 meters and were able to watch it cleaning itself sitting on a rock.

    Dippers are often seen along this stretch of the river, and have been known to nest in the vicinity.

    If you walk this path, also look out for Kingfisher; the most recent sighting being on the 16th November.

  • Have you heard of a Woodcock Moon?

    Luke Robinson is with us at Lake Vyrnwy as a long term volunteer.

    He with, other volunteer colleagues, was out working on the northern side of the reserve, close to the forestry. They flushed out a Woodcock on the side of the path, which excited them since one of the party had not before seen this species.

    This is the time of the year, at a full moon, when it should be possible to see more of these secretive birds, as locally it is known as a “Woodcock moon arrival.”

    The Lake Vyrnwy reserve is full of hidden secrets, why not visit soon!

  • As pretty as any picture you may see!

    A visit to Lake Vyrnwy really is a must in the next few days or weeks.

    Once again our fantastic scenery is doing us proud with spectacular autumn colours in the woodlands and hills around the Lake. The various hues of gold, amber, red and dark green go together to make a fantastic picture or photograph.

    When you come, why not include a visit to our RSPB shop which is well stocked with imaginative Christmas gifts, colourful cards and calendars, and some great offers on Bird food and feeders.

    See you soon!