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Lake Vyrnwy

Lake Vyrnwy
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  • Blog Post: Lake Vyrnwy Recent Sightings 27th July- 2nd August 2014

    Hi, As we enter the month of August the majority of woodland birds have finished nesting and small passerines have started to form mixed feeding flocks. Catching up with a mixed flock along a hedgerow or in a woodland can be particularly rewarding with resident birds such as Goldcrest , Blue Tit and...
  • Blog Post: Lake Vyrnwy Recent Sightings 28th June-5th July 2014

    The fields glisten as the suns early morning rays strike the dew, the watery cloak only missing around the sheep highway. The wheezy coo of a Wood Pigeon travels from the forest edge meanwhile a Song Thrush tilts its head and focuses on a surfacing earthworm , striking and obtaining the first food parcel...
  • Blog Post: Lake Vyrnwy Recent Sightings 17th -23rd May 2014

    Hi, The dawn chorus is one of Britain’s greatest natural wonders, this week we set our alarm clocks early and headed out with visitors to experience the Vyrnwy chorus. The group weren’t left disappointed as hundreds of woodland birds filled the air with music on what turned out to be a...
  • Blog Post: Lake Vyrnwy Recent Sightings 19th-25th April 2014

    Hi, The first Cuckoo of the year was heard singing from the Yellow Trail (21 st ) with singing males also heard from the Purple and Red Trails during the week. The first and only Common Whitethroat was sighted on the Red Trail (25 th ) whilst Wood Warbler (first returning bird 22nd) tallied 3 males...
  • Blog Post: Lake Vyrnwy Recent Sightings 12th-18th April 2014

    Hi, In a week dominated by glorious sunshine and blue skies the wildlife excelled itself with the arrival of Pied Flycatchers being my personal highlight. The first flycatchers were sighted from the Centenary Hide on 13 th April and as the week progressed could also be found on the Yellow and Blue...
  • Blog Post: Migrate with us!

    Monday 31st May, 8:00 am to 10:00 am, Migrant Discovery Walk - nothing to do with patrolling the nation's borders, just a Bank Holiday Monday saunter through the wood and up the hill to renew acquaintance with tiny travellers back from incredible journeyings. A little party of early breakfasters...
  • Blog Post: Phenology 3?

    First sighting today of a Swallow – Spring is really here !