Lake Vyrnwy

Lake Vyrnwy
  Do you love our Lake Vyrnwy nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!  
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  • Media: A Date with Nature

    This is the cliff - but where are the peregrines?
  • Media: Waterfall in winter

    Pistyll Rhyd y Meinciau tamed by the frost.
  • Media: Pistyll Rhyd y Meinciau

    A roaring monster after rain, yet this week (April) you can cross with dry feet.
  • Media: Chaffinch

    A Chaffinch spotted close to the RSPB shop at Lake Vyrnwy
  • Media: What we have to put up with

    1st July last year, from the Purple Trail, and yes, that is the peregrine cliff in the background.
  • Media: Siskins on birdfeeder at Lake Vyrnwy shop

  • Media: View over the Lake

    The Filtering Tower at Lake Vyrnwy
  • Media: Lake Vyrnwy in July 2010

  • Media: Rainbow

    From the dam.
  • Blog Post: Vyrnwy blog comes back to life!

    Hello! Yes, there is still life at Lake Vyrnwy, even though Roger's gone off to greater things at Ynys-hir! It's all very quiet at the moment, following months of rain and snow. Lambing hasn't quite started yet, it's too early for a chiffchaff (though they have had one singing at...
  • Blog Post: Planning a visit now the autumn is with us?

    Are you aware of our free weekend walks? Every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year, regardless of weather, our guided walks set off from the RSPB shop at 11:30 am and 2:00 pm, led by knowledgeable volunteers. They last about an hour, and at this time of year the wide array of fungi in Vyrnwy's...
  • Blog Post: Fab Weather!

    Well the fabulous weather continues. This morning crossing the dam on the way to work the lake was flat calm and like a mirror. The forecast is good, so why not visit this weekend? On the bird front the Peregrines are still putting on a show, two pairs for a time today. Also Ravens showing well from...
  • Blog Post: Have you heard of a Woodcock Moon?

    Luke Robinson is with us at Lake Vyrnwy as a long term volunteer. He with, other volunteer colleagues, was out working on the northern side of the reserve, close to the forestry. They flushed out a Woodcock on the side of the path, which excited them since one of the party had not before seen this...
  • Blog Post: Welcome to Lake Vyrnwy Blog.

    This is the first blog from Lake Vyrnwy, so here goes! For those of you that don’t know us, the reserve is situated in the Berwyn Mountains, just east of Snowdonia, the boundary of which adjoins the reserve. Lake Vyrnwy reserve is huge! It extends to some 25,500 acres, approx 7 miles...
  • Blog Post: Lake Vyrnwy Estate for sale.

    It as announced today by Severn Trent Water, that they are offering the Lake Vyrnwy Estate for sale. Position Statement - Severn Trent Water sale of land at Lake Vyrnwy The RSPB Lake Vyrnwy nature reserve is part of the Berwyn Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and was declared...
  • Blog Post: Mission accomplished?

    This very dry spring has already seen the water level in the lake drop startlingly low. Is it going to be a "village year", when the foundations of the drowned buildings of old Llanwddyn see the sunlight again? Despite the drought and the cold start, the Vyrnwy peregrines have so far...
  • Blog Post: Mid-Wales Housing Association joins fight to save the Lake Vyrnwy Estate

    Mid Wales Housing Association, based in Newtown, and RSPB Cymru have joined forces in a bid to purchase the Lake Vyrnwy Estate. If successful, the partnership will ensure the local community of Llanwddyn and nearby villages truly benefit from the sale of the estate by owners Severn Trent Water...
  • Forum Thread: Land being sold by Severn Trent Water

    I am extremely worried to read in this quarter's Birds magazine, that Severn Trent Water plan to sell the land around Lake Vyrnwy. This includes the organic farm that the RSPB has been managing. I really would like to hear more about it - so if anyone here is in the know, please keep this thread...
  • Forum Thread: Events at Lake Vyrnwy - What would you enjoy doing on a visit?

    We are starting to put together a program of events for Lake Vyrnwy for 2011. Have you any great ideas of what you would like to do on a vist to the Lake, please let me know. We are looking for fresh ideas, both for adults and children! Do let us know.
  • Media: Otter 14/08/2013

    Otter seen at bottom of dam on 14/08/2013 at around 9 am.
  • Media: The Moors

    Up on the hills to the north of the Lake
  • Media: Lake Vyrnwy from the dam

    Morning light on the lake from the Dam
  • Media: Sunset over the lake

    Taken from the terrace of the Tower Tavern, Lake Vyrnwy Hotel
  • Blog Post: A day or two in the life of our new Interns, Tom and Gethin

    Autumn is a stunning season and Lake Vyrnwy has been looking spectacular over the past few weeks. The deep chestnut colour of the beech leaves reflecting on the still waters of the lake, combined with beautiful light has made it a photographer’s dream. A lot of our time recently has been taken...
  • Blog Post: Facebook re-structure!

    You’ve probably all noticed that we’re closing down our Lake Vyrnwy and Ynys Hir facebook pages and we have set up a new ‘RSPB Mid Wales’ page. We understand that some of you will be disappointed to see these pages go. Here are some questions that you might have about all...