Langford Lowfields

Langford Lowfields

Langford Lowfields
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Langford Lowfields

  • Grand opening!

    It is with great pleasure that we can now finally open our new viewing screen on the Cromwell Trail, overlooking Phases 1 and 2! The new screen is on a raised point at the southern end of the Cromwell Trail, the elevated position meaning excellent views can be had over much of the developing reedbed - perfect for watching the range of wildlife that calls Langford it's home.

    The screen was designed by our expert carpenter, Dave Watt, who also designed and built the boardwalk and benches and was built by our weekday and Sunday volunteer teams. A huge thanks to all involved - an excellent job.


  • Sightings....

    Just a quick update for this week, with the exciting news of a tree sparrow seen using our feeding station by the viewing screen on the public footpath (thanks to Beach Hut volunteer Dave Roberts for this)! This is the first time the species has been seen using the feeding station for nearly 2 years. With numerous individuals at the wild bird seed crop opposite the car park and a potential colony now also on Phase 1, we have our fingers crossed that maybe we will have them back breeding on site again next year....

    A bittern has been seen on Phase 2 again this week, it is such a privilege to see these on a regular basis. Do keep an eye open on Phase 1 as well.

    There is a large flock of fieldfare and redwing about, particularly on the western boundary of the Cromwell Trail, but also on the eastern public footpath and Phase 1 scrub.

    Water rail continue to be vocal across the site.

    And finally, a Langford scarcity from yesterday - a coal tit on the Cottage Lane entrance track to the car park. They may be common in gardens, but not here!

  • Starling update

    For everyone who doesn't follow us on Twitter or Facebook....

    Unfortunately, it still isn't good news on the starling front! The birds seems to have completely deserted us now, with only a handful flying over the site each evening and apparently not roosting on site at all. The reason for this is completely unknown and mimics what they did last year in the middle of December after good numbers had built up earlier in the winter. Our numbers peaked at about 25,000 birds before they disappeared early last week - a respectable number, but a huge shame that they have gone.

    It is still early in the season though, so fingers crossed they may return. We will be sure to update everyone as and when the situation changes.