April, 2011

Leighton Moss

Leighton Moss
Do you love our Leighton Moss nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!

Leighton Moss

  • Why not look skywards?

    If the Royal Wedding isn't your thing then why not take the opportunity to come to Leighton Moss tomorrow and look skywards instead of being glued to the box. We're open as usual and it's a fantastic time of year!

    Marsh harriers at Leighton Moss (copyright Ben Hall rspb-images.com)

  • Treat Yourself And The Birds...!!

    Why not treat the birds and yourelf with Half Price Suet Cakes (for the birds) normally £3.49 now £1.74 until the 17th of May. A treat for yourself try some our new range of RSPB fudge it comes in 3 flavours Clotted Cream, Vanilla and Chocolate and in 2 sizes 150g or if your feeling especially indulgant 300g!



  • Try some bird song tonic

    Many people believe that listening to bird song is good for you. It's said to be a simple tonic that can help relieve stress and make you feel happier as you feel closer to nature. This week there is a fantastic opportunity to try out this theory at Leighton Moss, as we are holding a Dawn Chorus event on Sunday 1 May.


    It starts in the early hours at 4 am, to listen for the very first birds starting to sing (usually robins or blackbirds) just before dawn. It then builds up to a bird song crescendo on a meander through the beautiful valley on the woodland and reedbed nature trails.


    Back at the visitor centre, a further treat is in store, with an extremely tasty full English breakfast in the café from 7 to 7.30 am. The cost is £12 (or £10 for RSPB members).


    I particularly love this event as you get to hear the reedbed coming to life with the most amazing variety of birds singing. Seeing the sun come up over the hills and the mist clearing away from the pools is heart-warming too. People all around the world will be celebrating International Dawn Chorus Day on Sunday so why not join in too?


    For those who prefer to get up a little later, we are holding a ‘Birding for beginners: birdsong’ guided walk on Sunday 28 May and Sunday 29 May from 7.30 am to 10 am. Costs for this event are £8 (RSPB members £6), which includes a bacon or veggie bap and a tea or coffee at the end.


    If you want to learn to start to recognise which birds are singing then there is also a wide range of ‘Bird Song’ learning materials in the shop-from CD’s, DVD’s and CD Roms to top of the range PDA software.


    Of course we can’t guarantee you’ll suddenly feel happier after listening to bird song! But when you include a relaxing walk in the fresh air and stunning surroundings, meeting other friendly people and tucking into an appetising cooked breakfast, I’m sure it will lift your spirits and you’ll have a very memorable experience.


    Due to popular demand booking is essential for all these events by telephoning the visitor centre on 01524 701601.


    Male reedbunting (copyright Mike Richards rspb-images.com)