Leighton Moss

Leighton Moss
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  • Blog Post: Down at the hide...

    It’s been the perfect weekend to enjoy a stroll in the sunshine. Leighton is certainly looking rather attractive, if I don’t say so myself. On Sunday night I took a wander down to Grisedale hide to make the most of the summer evening. Along the path just after Lilians, you can see the...
  • Media: Heron feeding

    Taken June 2011
  • Media: Grey Heron with eel

    Quite a drama watching this heron take this large eel...following the battle the heron took it's prey back to the waters edge, washed all the grass and debris from it before swallowing its meal in one go... everyone in the hide was amazed!
  • Media: heron

    photo also taken from the griesdale hide at easter this year
  • Media: Heron

    I took this photo along the Causeway of a Heron looking for fish.
  • Media: Grey Heron

    Took this from Grisedale hide on Sunday 25th July, it's my first photo with new camera.
  • Media: Grey Heron

    A Grey Heron in flight from the Griesdale hide
  • Media: Grey Heron

    This Heron had been bombarded by gulls, most of the time it was stood there!!
  • Media: Grey Heron

    I made a detour on my journey to call in for the last of the light on the reserve. It was my first visit. I took this picture from Lilian's Hide at 3.43pm on Thursday 20th October 2011.