May, 2008

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten osprey diary

The ospreys at Loch Garten have people across the world gripped in their tale of violence, adultery and... well... fishing.
  • 3rd Chick update

    The third chick is looking quite strong.... It has had several feeds now, including two this morning at 4.15 and another at 7.15. The weather at the moment is cold and wet so EJ is currently sitting tight on the chicks and keeping them warm and dry until OVS turns up with the next meal.

    As promised in an earlier posting this weekend's blog will be a wee bit more substantial and will round up the events of the last week or so.

    One final message before I go.... For those readers who have visited the Centre this year you may be interested in the progress of our goldeneye, well, 7 chicks are sitting in the box and will no doubt jump later this afternoon.

    Thanks for your kind messages and support.

    If you want to specifically help the Loch Garten Osprey Team 2008, you might consider supporting the RSPB. You can do this online via the RSPB website:, if you add the code PR08 (that is zero eight), your membership will be credited to the Loch Garten team.

  • Three is the magic number

    Third chick has arrived..... don't know when the event actually happened, all I know is that we had an intact egg at 22.12 last night and when she went on an exercise flight at 10.31 this morning the egg shell was broken and three chicks were on the nest. As with the others, we are waiting for the first feed.

    I will update with a progress report tonight.

  • We have sound again

    Apologies for the lack of service overnight and first thing this morning.... the system was closed down so that we could finally get to the bottom of the sound problem. Hopefully you now have sound, I know we do here on our PC.

    As for the birds, a fish at 5.14 this morning... both chicks fed and OVS disappears.

    A full blog will be posted at the weekend..... though I suspect we will be writing a lot earlier than that when egg 3 hatches.

    Until then.....