Wait for it, wait for it......

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten osprey diary

The ospreys at Loch Garten have people across the world gripped in their tale of violence, adultery and... well... fishing.

Wait for it, wait for it......

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We're busy, busy, busy, right now, with our continued preparations, so in haste, just a wee up-date.

Whilst ospreys have been sighted at various places around UK, including in this area, we as yet have not had any sightings at Loch Garten.

A bird was seen flying over Insh Marshes RSPB reserve last Thursday, another seen near Aviemore on Friday and another (or the same one?) at the Kessock bridge at Inverness on Friday too. These early birds just might be ospreys from much further north, heading up to Scandinavia, maybe.  Who knows?

Anyway our preparations continue. We hope to have the the live-streaming camera on the web very soon, so hopefully you'll be able to witness the moment we first get a bird - if you happen to be watching at the time!  Will it be EJ?

Though in days to come, you will hopefully see a bird arrive, please remember we do not open to visitors until Wednesday 1st April.  Thanks.

Meantime, compared to last weeks glorious weather, it has turned driech this week, but it would seem that this hasn't stopped ospreys at least, from arriving in Highland.  Curlews, oystercatchers and lapwings are back in farm & croft fields.  Song thrushes, siskins and pied wagtails are back too, not true migrants as such, but birds that leave this area in winter and re-appear about now.  Nice to see them back.  The hot spell last week, brought bumble bees out up here too, heralding the winter's passing, surely. 

It'll snow now I've said that!  More anon.


Richard Thaxton - Loch Garten site manager


  • Can verify the Kessock Bridge sighting, osprey seen fishing in the firth off the Black Isle South shore on Saturday bird as usual being bombarded by gulls & rooks. Thought our guy was back but have not seen bird since. Had extreme weather here late Sat & all day on Sunday bad gales on Sunday night hope bird is OK will keep eyes open & let yu know. Did not like to report before as you may have all thought I was havering!
  • Thanks Richard. Spring has definitely sprung! Just itching to see the nest and hopefully EJ. There is just so much happening at once. Thanks also to the team, for allowing us to be 'flies on the wall' again for what will hopefully be another exciting year!
  • Thank you, Richard. I'm patiently waiting, and meanwhile watching the early Osprey at Dunkeld, who appears to be ahead of the game. Love the word driech! Have been using it this year down south.....
  • Thank you so much for the update Richard. (Haven't been checking every few minutes, honestly...... !!! )
  • Oh, Richard, it's getting very exciting! Thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date when you are so busy. Hope EJ appears soon (and while I'm watching!)
  • Thank You for the update. You work tirelessly to make it so much better for all of us. Can't wait to see the webcam up and working. Thank You!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks Richard for update we have all been waiting for news on LG bloggers on facebook , looking forward to the webcam and hopefully to see EJ arrive as we did the female at Loch of the Lowes - fingers crossed you havent brought on snow with your comments . Take care all
  • I saw an Osprey by the side of Blithfield Reservoir yesterday and wondered if it could be one of ours!