Three is not a crowd at Loch Garten!

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten osprey diary

The ospreys at Loch Garten have people across the world gripped in their tale of violence, adultery and... well... fishing.

Three is not a crowd at Loch Garten!

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Stop press

The third chick has hatched!  Unlike its siblings who hatched in the early morning, it decided to exit its egg in the evening!  Odin delivered a fish, a whopping 18" rainbow trout, at 21.20 yesterday evening, and when EJ stood up, she revealed not only the two chicks but also the third which was hatching!  Yay!

Odin has been busy already this morning, bringing in a 12" brown trout at 7.50!  He has flown off now, possibly hunting, the breezy conditions will make it a bit harder for him, but I'm sure he will rise to the challenge!

We await the next fish...and our next glimpse of the three chicks!

  • just had my first glimpse of all 3 chicks as EJ was feeding them

  • all full up even EJ,  and plenty left for later

  • What an amazing picture new fish, mum feeding all 3 and dad standing there thinking what do I do now?

  • Thank you Barbara Jean, guess that makes sense, can't have the poor little one with too much in his tummy at once. Others seem to have seen him being fed but I was concerned he was being overlooked at first.

  • To those concerned about the littlest one not getting enough food, I'll bet EJ knows how much to allow him/her to have during the first couple of days . Just like babies they only get a little  milk at a time  for the first couple of days.  Their digestive systems must become accustomed to  digesting  food. She only fed each one a couple of bites at each feeding  for the first couple of days after they hatched.

  • Thanks to all you good people who blog so much.  As I was priviledged to see no 3 hatch and was upset like many of you last year I was watching as close as I could but my pictures not good this year. I'm elated having been out at work all day that my fears appear totally unfounded - I should have had more faith in our wonderful couple!!

  • thanks Jandy - just signed in to see the end of feeding and my first glimse of chick #3. but coming in at the end, I didn't see he/she get much. So good to know that it was just left overs and that all had a good feed earlier. It just goes to how how easy it could be to misinterpret the situation, if you don't see the 'full' picture!

  • 16.30 To reassure those who haven't managed to see the tea-time feed which has just finished (and, yes, once again there is fish left over!), and who have expressed concern that Tiny One isn't getting enough to eat: it was obvious that EJ was deliberately choosing who to feed, and ensured that s/he got what was needed. It seems that the good supplies of fish enable feeding to be carried out calmly, rather than mum having to respond, as she did last year, to the most demanding of her ravenous chicks. Nature never fails to astound.
  • Earlier I had my first sight of the littlest one and also my first sight of the whole family together, with Odin looking at the chicks as if to say @Did I do that?  4:30 and the babies having another feed.  ope O can keep up the good work as they grow.

  • Have been absolutely transfixed watching them take their "afternoon tea".  I found it very heartening that when EJ was feeding "teeny" she kept taking her beak away from No. 1's direction and was determined that "teeny" would get his mouthful. Just wonderful and fascinating to watch :o) x

  • 15.20 A feed going on now. Have been so busy I haven't had time to sit and watch as much this year which is a real shame. Great to see No 3 has hatched, and I just saw him get some food. Hopefully there will be more food to go round this year and therefore no bullying as we witnessed last year. Fingers crossed.
  • Hi one and all, this is my second year of watching the Osprey (and any other wildlife webcam I can find!), and I have to say how different the situation seems to be this year! I have yet to see the chick #3, but by all accounts he / she seems to be doing well. I have a wee question - when I was watching at the back of 1, I was sure I saw EJ roll the remaining egg shell underneath her? Did anyone else see that, or was it just my eyes ? Or maybe it was actually the third chick? it just seemed a little strange to 'brood' an empty egg shell. Can I also just say a massive thank you to all at LG. Always so informative and enthusiastic and of course a huge thanks to all the bloggers for providing lots of information etc- I feel like I know you all so well, so thought it about time I joined in!! Happy watching!
  • Grow strong and healthy wee ospreys! We're looking forward to seeing you after our weekend holiday.
  • 1:31pm I don't remember as much intruder activity last year, but here we are again and EJ is getting all excited about another Osprey (I assume) right close to the nest (just saw their shadow)

  • glad to hear all going well re feeding.  At home our feeders are being well used and we have young starlings, sparrows and blue tits being fed just now regardless of the SIX cats in the vicinity, who know to stay away whilst I'm at the door with garden hose to hand.