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Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten osprey diary

The ospreys at Loch Garten have people across the world gripped in their tale of violence, adultery and... well... fishing.

Just a quickie....

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Latest news on Rothes and Tore

Tore had a overnight stay back on the Casamance River near Yatacounda during the week and then returned to her recent haunt W of Quedanga.

Rothes's data shows her moving to the NW of the neighbouring island of Ilha de Unhocomo. The last data we have is for the 3rd - very tantalising! Could she be heading off?

Kaz and Alan - I too noticed that GE hasn't updated the latest points we are looking into this, but in the meantime here are the latest points recorded for Rothes on the 3rd March at 17.00

11.30833  -16.46350

And Tore on 5th March at 09.00

12.12167  -15.89767

Julie Q

  • Well Rothes should certainly arrive this year. Indeed Rothes should start off on migration very soon.

  • Cheers Julie - Hope Rothes arrives this year !

  • Thanks Julie - I do understand that Rothes did this same Island hop on December 27 - 2011 but only stayed a short while before returning to her favourite. Maybe she is just having a look but as she gets the urge to return then she will range further. As an unpaired returning 3YO adult she needs to move early to get a nest and a mate or maybe this year she will just return later and bond in preperation for another year - who knows.

  • Thanks Julie. It's getting close to that time again... Exciting!

  • Julie Q - thanks for the update.   Who knows???? maybe Rothes could be on the move.

  • Thanks Julie. Always appreciate your updates.

  • Thank you Julie, it starting to happen.....! ;0)

  • Thank you Julie Q, exiting times ahead :)

  • Hi Tiger.  Thanks for reply, I will be counting the days.

  • Thanks Julie and we now look forward to the new osprey season and maybe the return of Rothes.

  • Maj   EJ returned on 24th March 2011 but that was a record early return.

  • Hi everyone. Haven't looked in for quite some time. Can anyone tell me when we can expect our Ospreys to return I can't remember when they returned last year? I hope everyone is looking forward to the start of the new and successful season I know I am.

  • wow! thanks Julie

  • Very exciting!!!

  • Thanks for the update Julie...safe trip Rothes if you are on your way......We will be looking out for you.