The Sky's the Limit

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten osprey diary

The ospreys at Loch Garten have people across the world gripped in their tale of violence, adultery and... well... fishing.

The Sky's the Limit

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Flying lessons are going well here and Caledonia is certainly getting a bit more adventurous.  Today she treated us to a wonderful flight display as she soared higher and higher before dropping back down and swooping down past our astonished faces, flying so close to the centre that she could probably hear the gasps of amazement from our impressed visitors.  Landing however is still to be perfected and these two could probably use some stabilisers.  On Monday evening Cally flew smack into an unsuspecting Alba who was perched on the nest for the evening.  Both birds took a tumble out of the nest and one of them managed to cling onto the underside of the nest before letting go to find a more suitable perch.  It was Alba’s turn yesterday to make a crash landing.  Obviously keen to get her share of a fish she came charging towards the nest and landed clumsily on top of EJ’s back.

To fuel their aerial acrobatics Odin is making sure to keep his two girls stocked full of energy by bringing in plenty of fish.   Despite the continuous downpour of rain on Wednesday Odin managed to bring in fish after fish, possibly trying to beat his own personal best by bringing in another fish 18 minutes after the previous one.  Not to be out done by Odin, EJ then returned with a fish of her own but her trout was more than twice the size of Odin’s tiddlers.  Wednesday’s fish round up came to nine, seven of these coming from Odin.  I’m surprised that either chick was able to take off again after eating so much! 

After all his hard work on Wednesday, Odin clearly felt like he deserved the morning off on Thursday as he sat dozing in the Camera Tree whilst Alba shouted at him for a fish.  She was calling (very loudly!) for so long that we eventually had to turn the mic down in the centre – not that we needed it as we could hear her clearly enough through the open windows.  Eventually she flew into the Camera Tree, followed by her sister and they sat either side of Odin, nagging him for a fish before he gave in and flew off. Both Alba and Cally are feeding themselves now and neither of them are shy about snatching a fish from mum and dad.  They are very much becoming two very independent ladies and we’ll start to see less and less of them as they start to venture further afield.  Hopefully next week we will have our first piece of data from the transmitters and we can find out just how far our flying duo have explored.

Whilst on the subject of transmitters, we are aware of what may be a loose piece of thread hanging from the strap on Cally’s transmitter.  When these are sewn on the thread is sealed with glue to prevent the thread from unravelling so it is possibly fraying from the strap.  We are however keeping a close eye on this.

Finally, Brian Anderson (Black Jaguar) dropped by to hand over the cheque for the money he raised for Loch Garten on his bike ride confirming the total amount of £2106.  To show her appreciation Cally kindly took her first flight during his visit!



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  • The wider view camera is working. Thank you.

  • Leen......I am the same as you.....I put the nest on....but nothing.

    So whilst I am "busy" anyone seeing the girls.....and Mum n Dad of course....let us know.

    Rain in the NE, whilst all the country is basking in super sun.

    Crafter x

  • Sorry to bring this up, but there has been prolonged periods of an empty nest and we can hear much activity going on in the area. There were hopes for the wide cam being fixed soon, when safe to do so. PLEASE is there a chance of it being fixed sooner rather than later? We are missing skydancing, it seems, as well as lots of flying around the area. Many of us have watched from incubation to hatching and are grateful for the nest coverage, but the loss of the widecam has come at a crucial time. Any updates would be welcome....:-)

  • Well Maj ~ haven't even seen Cally or Alba for about 2 days.......thanks for the reassurance that they are around!!!

    And how was the LG bloggers meet?  Look forward to hearing all about it in due course.

  • Two girls on the nest at the moment they are definatley stunning looking birds.

  • A big hello to all the LG bloggers meeting up today at the VC.  Have a great time.

  • Great blog Jen. Its good to hear that all is going well. Congratulations to Black Jaguar-- Well Done!

  • great view today at 3.30pm for a full centre of cally dive bombing and swirling only a few yards from the hide (binoculars and scopes not needed), brilliant blue skies and warm sunshine, amazing back drop to wonderful place, cant be there on wednesday, other plans, will be back thursday, thanks Tom for all the detailed Info.

  • Thank you for your great blog Jen, lots of information and a good smile about the colliding youngsters.  Odin is outstanding with his fish deliveries, EJ the model parent and Alba and Caledonia developing into a fine pair of young ladies.  Thank you for explaining about the loose thread, I don't suppose that much can be done about that?  Congratulations to Black Jag for his outstanding contribution to the centre.  And watch out LG the Bloggers are coming, in force, Wednesday afternoon, to the Centre and we will have fun!

  • also now know 1st hand about internet connections!!!!!

  • just got back from our 1st visit of the week, 10.20 this morning EJ on the nest, cally underneath on a branch when 2 intruders paid a visit for a minute, 4 ospreys in a camera shot, 1st for me, looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of the week, thank you to all the staff for detailed updates

  • Thank you Mary for the update on the wide cam.

  • Fantastic blog Jen and very much appreciated.  Was lovely to meet you a few weeks ago and hopefully we might be back up before migration.  "Our" two seem to be doing very well despite all the setbacks with the weather and are on course to be magnificent birds, just like their parents. (Whoever they may be!).  Enjoy the lovely weather while you can.

  • Ceulan at the Dyfi project, the osprey who was saved in the stormy weather fledged this morning and landed on the marshy grass next to a cow. Then back onto the nest, we don't need any more Loch Lowes type dramas this year. Tha'ts all the webcam chicks flying now yipee.

  • 12.16 Alba flew from the nest with fish! Another milestone achieved.