Welcome back Odin

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten osprey diary

The ospreys at Loch Garten have people across the world gripped in their tale of violence, adultery and... well... fishing.

Welcome back Odin

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Some of the keener eyed amongst you have probably already noticed but I’m very excited to tell you all that our suspicions have been confirmed – the unringed male is Odin.  Back for his 5th season at Loch Garten! 

Odin didn’t waste anytime and at first light EJ (and our sleeping volunteers!) were treated to a sky dance, which is an impressive flight display coupled with a distinctive call that males do to demonstrate they are a good, strong male.  EJ was obviously suitably impressed as she let him mate with her not long after he’d finished his aerial performance.  EJ's warm response to him this morning is the confirmatin we needed.  Had he been a new, different male she would have been more hostile and reluctant to mate so quickly.  Odin is a bit of a show off when it comes to his sky dancing, some of you might remember that he sky danced continuously for 22 minutes last year, obviously putting in a bit of extra work to win back EJ. 

He quickly got to work on the nest, bringing in moss and scraping out an egg cup.  The only courtship act EJ hasn’t received is a fish, unfortunately she wasn’t around to see the enormous fish he brought back for her yesterday.  On first return Odin always shows up with a fish and usually couples this with a sky dance but upon finding an empty nest yesterday he ate his fish and had to do his sky dance empty taloned this morning.  As soon as EJ receives a fish at her nest (something Blue XD has not done yet) she will go starry eyed and fall head over talons for Odin again and he’ll hold onto his title, a second victory over Blue XD.

  • Thank you Valerie ~ that is somewhat reassuring.......as I didn't even see either early this morning.

  • Leen I should have also said EJ was around with Odin very early this morning as well mating etc !! but I have not seen her since

  • Leen Odin bought a lovely fish to he nest 16.39 waited for EJ to appear for 4 minutes then flew off

  • Has anyone seen EJ or Odin today?  Frustrated of Milton Keynes!

  • Yes thats the postcards I have got Tiger - a set of 6 I think - must find them

  • Val here you are. See www.esmondknight.org.uk/captainknight.htm

  • Then what was the blue ring spotted on the leg then?


    Sheila will coinfirm

  • Thank you so much Tiger for all the info and links much appreciated indeed . I am sure it is early postcards that I purchased on ebay are of Captain Knight - now where are they ? must go look , I have a cuddly Osprey which I was given and yes you can buy at LG also have a penguin my grandaughter gave me oh and a Tiger cant think where that came from :)

  • Aww forgot the cuddly osprey link   www.rspb.org.uk/.../374782.aspx

    I think one can buy Cuddly ospreys in the Loch Garten shop but I am not sure about that.

  • Yes DPOF means Dennis Puleston Osprey Fund. Dennis Puleston was British and was sort of Roy Dennis of the USA. He helped to bring the Osprey back from the brink after the ravages of DDT.

    The streaming osprey cam set up in his honour in 2003 and was the first streaming osprey cam in the world. One of those names on the board Celeste was pretty much one of the original viewers. In 2003 there were four eggs but only two chicks survived. These were named Freedom and Liberty by the cam viewers on 4th July 2003.

    More about Dennis Puleston here  puleston.osprey.bnl.org/.../dennis.php

    The story of the 2006 season was amazing and I have related it here  www.rspb.org.uk/.../24825.aspx

    There are still ospreys on the nest and Dennis and Betty and no doubt incubating eggs but sadly there is no webcams nowadays.

    Such happy days.

    I got two cuddly ospreys. One is British the other is American. Both came as gifts from members of that board. Not sure if they can breed. Which makes me wonder whatever became of the four American ospreys that were translocated to Britain by a  Captain Knight in 1929 in order to try and restore the osprey to the skies of Britain.

  • In fairness Tiger a lady called Kathy had put on LGB this morning and I felt it might be very interestng to some over here to read - thought you would have memories :)

  • Oh Val you memories by citing that link. Did you know that you can still go back and watch the original video which was recorded 24/7

    The chicks that year were named Brooke and Haven At one point Brooke tried to throw Haven out of the nest. One of the scariest moments I have ever seen in osprology. I was watching live too.

    The video is in the archives for those brave enough.

  • Interesting clip Valerie. Looks like there will be every chance  of this years chicks being odin's

  • I also believe that all of EJ chicks are very likely to be Fathered by Odin this year.

    All Blue XD will have done is encourage EJ's overies to enlarge ready for her to be fertilized by Odin :)

  • I agree Cirrus :)