Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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  • Breagha and Millie update

    Just a quick update on Breagha and Millicent. They have just continued what they have been doing over the last several weeks. Both birds appear to be well and continue to travel around their small adopted territories in W Africa.
  • Reserve Workout!

    Data shows no change with Millicent and Breagh and we have a reserve update from our new long term volunteer warden Kyle. Hello All, I'm Kyle and I’m the new long-term winter volunteer here are Abernethy. As Jen's off chasing birds...
  • Breagha and Millie are looking well

    On 1st November the tracking data moved into the Winter regime of two data points per day at 09.00 and 16.00 GMT with data downloads on a weekly basis. This will continue until 10 March 2015 when tracking will revert to nine data points per day collected...
  • Nest Box Building

    We had a visit from the 1 st years at Grantown Grammar School this week who came to build some nest boxes with us. Each child got to take a box home for their own garden and the other boxes will be put up in their local woods, Anagach Woods. The school...
  • Whiffling Wildlife

    The numbers of winter geese roosting on Loch Garten is starting to pick up as the temperature is dropping, daylight hours are diminishing and winter is slowly seeping in. Alison, our community ranger, shares her experience of the evening goose roost on...