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Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Index To Important Threads

  • One of the problem on this forum is that important threads sink and have to be bumped. An alternative to this is to create an index thread and then people can keep the link to this index in their favourites.

    To start with I think the Odin and EJ are likely to be in use for some time yet.

    The Odin thread is here

    The EJ thread  is  here

    LG sightings Sunday August 22,  2010  See link here

    Share Your Favourite Memories of Loch Garten 2010  See  link here

    Tracking Rothes and Mallachie See  link here

    Xalbai's Photos of Mallachie See link here

    Ospreys Q&A   See link here

    Chicks 1,2 and 3. - photo ID's, markings, required please. See link here

    The Scottish Ospreys from extinction to survival by Philip Brown. Link here

    Satellite Tracked Ospreys - August 2010- see link here

    News from Other Nests - 2010   See  link here

    Manton Bay (Rutland) nest updates   See link here.

    Loch of the Lowes 2010   See link here

    Osprey Sightings - March 2010-     See link here

    *** 2009 and *** 2008 Chicks Stats - in draft copy - for review/agreement. See  here

    Osprey Quiz    is here

    Tracking Other UK Ospreys   See link  here

    link to incredible photos of an osprey fishing See link here.

    Osprey Conservation and Translocation Projects   See link here

    Countdown to EJ's return 2011. See

    The clocks for   us.

    World day/night map. See

    I hope this covers most of the long term threads. New ones can always be edited in. Hope this helps.

  • Good idea Tiger.

  • Great thinking - now we need to keep this near the top!!

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    Great thinking - now we need to keep this near the top!!

    That thought had occured to me! :)

    Mind you saving it as a favourite will work ok too.

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  • Another of your Great Ideas, Tiger!

  • Brilliant idea.

    "Our life is frittered away by detail . . . . simplify, simplify" - Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

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