Welcome To The Latest Member of The Loch Garten Group

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
Love the Loch Garten ospreys? Tell us all about it!
Loch Garten ospreys

Welcome To The Latest Member of The Loch Garten Group

  • Hello CRinger,  welcome aboard.

  • Hello CRinger. I look forward to further posts from you.

  • A big welcome to our latest member  Dover Sole

    You sound like an osprey with expensive tastes! :)

  • Warm welcome to Dover Sole.

  • Hello Dover Sole, as I said to CRinger.. welcome aboard.

    I get called a few things, BJag, BJ, Jag, even now and again on a Sunday.. Black Jaguar.

    You may find you are DS.. or maybe nintendo..lol

    Have fun here it's a good place to be.


  • Hello Dover Sole, and welcome to osprey-land.  This is a wonderful place to learn so many facts about these wonderful birds, and to follow their migrations.  If you don't already suffer from ospreyitis, you soon will!!  Oh, and there are also many friendly threads where you can chat about life in general with folk from all parts of the world.  Have fun.

  • Welcome to Andrewa the latest member of the Loch Garten group. Member 608.

  • Hello Andrew. I am very familiar with your superb photographs from the commuity sites. Welcome to the LG group.

  • Welcome to AndrewA and I love you photograph's. I hope you stick around for the season as you have so much to give.

  • Dover Sole welcome to you


    Welcome Dover Sole.

  • Welcome to AndrewA going to hunt down your photos now.

  • Andrew A  Dover Sole  C Ringer

    HELLO hello and welcome  !!

  • Welcome to Andrewa, I have looked at your web site and some of your photographs and they are Fantastic! you really do have a wonderful talent, thank you for sharing them with us.:))

    Welcome C Ringer

    Welcome Dover Sole

  • DWS and OUTLAWOWL Welcome to the Loch Garten Group.