Weekly Chat, Sunday November 21, 2010

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
Love the Loch Garten ospreys? Tell us all about it!
Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat, Sunday November 21, 2010

  • Ceramic topped cooker for me too and like Wendy our latest doesn't have knobs, took some getting used to ,but really pleased now.


    lovely pics of all our 4 legged friends. Never have ridden, only donkeys at the beach, but what magnificent animals horses are. don't watch the Grand National as can't bear seeing anything happen to them and was not impressed a few years ago when female jockey was so desperate to get past the post that she pushed her horse too far and it collapsed and died just after the race.

    OG  Glad son is doing ok   fresh air and excercise always a tonic I think and DAISY RAY glad to hear that daughter not hurt physically though the nuisance factor certainly takes its toll.

  • dibnlib: This is my ceramic hob cooker and the easiest ones to clean ever...top tip..only clean when cool and then all need is kichen roll, hob briteor AEG/Electrolux cleaner and it takes seconds. When getting this latest one I had seen it on line and priced it at John Lewis etc. Went into Keith to the Euronics shop there (don't go to the big boys anymore) to show husband a selection but they didn't have the one I wanted and when I mentioned it they asked OH to take a seat...I already knew the cost...haggled a deal for a special order, fitted for free old one taken away and various rubbish that goes with it. When my fridge packed up in the summer I phoned ordered and it was in by 8.30am next day.

    Can't watch Grand National I think it turns into carnage....the horses will never say no as they have such brave hearts but because of that we know what the outcome can be.

    OH just cleared drive as he needs to get the car out as Hospita Appt. in Elgin..will get in much needed supplies and even more bird food. 

  • Morning all ... another couple of inches of snow overnight, but nothing compared to a few miles inland. The area around Morpeth/Alnwick seems particularly bad and the A1 road has been closed. I'm going nowhere today ... OH is away and the cupboard is stocked! It was freezing hard earlier when I did the bird feeders etc but I notice a few drips from the birdtable, so must be thawing a bit ... probably means another snow shower on the way :-(

    On the ceramic hob debate ... I got a ceramic hob (without knobs) in July in my new kitchen and its wonderful ... so easy to keep clean compared to the old one, and not a problem to keep shiny with the spray and e-cloth that came with it!

    Thanks to those who identified my bird pic yesterday .... I thought it might be a sparrowhawk, but wasn't totally sure from the back view!

    Welcome Eagle-eye - nice to have OG's OH on here too! (Lovely swan avatar!)

    Tiger - interesting info about the birthdate ... thanks.

    Wendyb - beautiful photographs of the Spey ... how wonderful to live somewhere like that!

    Linda - thanks for the info about HP film . Sweetpea must be waiting for my predicted time of Saturday just before noon!!!

    DaisyRay - sorry to hear about your daughter's accident, but as long as she was unhurt that was the main thing.

    Diane - glad you liked my pic of the waves on the pier .... if you want to see similar photographs (when you've got nothing better to do!), there is a website for Tynemouth with some amazing photographs: 


    Thanks to all for chat, pics of gorgeous horses/dogs/cats etc.

    Take care

    EDIT - oh no .... snowing again .... AAAAAARGH

  • AQ - working on brain teasers, got the last lot right, love the pics of Grandpets.

  • Djoans: What amazing photos and yes it special up here but I think if we all look around wherever we live there are special places, views and happenings.

    I love the coast and we are not far from the Moray Firth. I once lived near Stansted Airport and hated it as it was too far inland.

    Still snowing here!!!

  • Don't envy you the snow Wendyb, none forecast for here...up to now anyway.

  • This is work in progress.....on or near 1st Dec, I plan to add the 2010 LG chick stats to this thread,


    as 'good housekeeping' I should edit the title to state 2010, 2009 and 2008 and possibly state that future years, will be added, when the time comes.

    Maybe the above reference 21199 will change, I hope not, but if it does Tiger's link on the index thread will be messed up and need to be edited? If it stays the same, there will be no problem.

    This is the index thread, that I refer to above.


    My objective is to keep things simple!? and tidy, but if anyone has another idea please advise. If I were to start a new thread for 2010 and subsequent years, that would be adding complications.

  • WendyB - glad you liked the photos ... Tynemouth is only abut 5 miles along the coast from me. You are right ... I'm sure everybody has special places where they live! I was born near Bolton and then lived in Birmingham until I was 11. We then moved to Berwick ... which is where I got my love of the sea, and have lived in various places near the coast ever since.

  • JSB  Do not worry about messing up the index thread. I can easily edit it and make any correction needed.

  • Good Morning to you ALL.  Still dry here with a frost and ice on the cars, which were left out overnight, including our son's car, which has been left with us while they are away.  Supposed to help with a Christmas Fayre in Kent on Sat/ Sun. It will all be in marquees, with no heating and possible snow forecast !

    eagle-eye, We definitely now hope to hear more from you, especially now we know that you are OG's OH.

    AQ, Sounds as if the grandchildren are 'playing up' while their mother is away. so glad you are not needed this weekend. Lovely pictures of the grand- pets. 

    Daisy Ray, Lovely to hear from you again. So sorry about your daughter's accident. It must be a worry to you when she is not nearby but she sounds so sensible and is listening to you.

    George, Lovely cat picture. Looks very much at home.

    OG, I hope they finish your road work today. It really is going on for too long now. Good to hear your son's medication appears to be working and he feels happy to take long walks.

    Diane, Great to hear so much from you. I wish we could be of more practical help to you, but really do hope your Dad is improving.

    Wendy / Joan, You do seem to be getting plenty of snow. Just watched the latest reports on the TV and it did look bad, but they only show the main roads not any of the areas away from these roads. Take care.




  • Frosty & Sunny again.  Pressure stable, humidity very low, so no ice.  Getting white lines – possibly some yellow too.  Be prepared for rants.  Rant 1 part1 – is it really economically or ecologically sound to engage a firm to travel from Haltwhistle to do it?   Rant 1 part 2 – is it right to spend Scotland’s money in England to pay them?  Rant 2 – how can they justify petrochemical air pollution by putting the material in to melt still in its plastic bags??  Rants over.

    Birds: very busy this morning.  Starlings almost continuous – could they be new arrivals hungry after a flight from colder places?  Blue Tit has been for a good long feed between Starlings – even came to windowsill feeder.  Wren and Dunnocks as usual.  Blackbird numbers increased, so rivalry between them.  No Goldfinches for a while – are these the ones which arrived further south at Lindy’s feeder?  Sadly no Waxwings , but no berries in our garden – plenty in the locality, but we haven’t seen them.

    Gary – traffic calming was to be in place for start of school term in August, so maybe will be finished for January term!

    AQ – pleased you don’t have to do full weekend teen sitting duty!  I hope you can give the GKids a good talking to on Saturday about their behaviour – not good for Dau and SiL to have teens bickering so soon in their marriage.  Thanks again for brainteasers.  Lovely Grandpet pics – Cat looks typically haughty and Dog so appealing.

    Annette – nice you were able to share Txgiving dinner with Daughter – sorry the food was not so good.  Sorry GDau is not so good – pleased she can be with you for Christmas.

    Wendy – pleased you are keeping the Pheasants happy, even if you do have to do a Snowperson impression for them!  One reason I like my ceramic hob is that I cough and sneeze if I use Hob Brite, so OH has to clean it!!  Hope your OH has a safe drive to Elgin and back.

    Lindy – persuaded OH to help allocate Christmas cards last evening – made three very different designs this year.  Suggested he might help write them, got the predictable answer “they won’t be able to read my writing” – true but as annoying as ever after forty-something years!

    Chloe – hello again.  Don’t know how all that computer-speak trips off your “tongue”!  You lose me as soon as you talk about web-space!

    Joan – good morning.  Sorry you have more snow, especially being close to the coast where you do not expect that much.  Haven’t yet had the annual snowman pic from Dau#1 in Newton Aycliffe, but I am sure GDau#2 will have built it by now!

    jsb – thanks for all your work on keeping the statistics up-to-date.

    Brenda – our air is so dry that we are not getting the car windows frosted up now.  I hope you can get to the charity fair in Kent – but do wrap up warm!


    These posts get so long with so much lovely chat being shared.  Got to get OH sent out to Tesco’s now!

  • Just taken this pic of the falling snow in the back garden!


  • Hi all another snowy day here, it keeps coming in in waves, v cold -o.5 brrrrr. Its over my wellies so the gaiters are out again. We are just inland from the A1 between Alnwick + Morpeth Djoans + yes lots of snow around 2ft + it keeps coming!! I was meant to be at a funeral this morning for a wonderful old shepherdess - she loved watching the snow so will be quite happy, but as a shepherd she would have been worried about her flock - not as much now as in the spring with a late snow fall after lambing though. She was able to watch sheep from her front room which she loved. I just hope others have managed to get there for her. I've no 4X4 so using the backrds would be impossible - so down to Morpeth + up to Bockenfields, just too risky with all the children home :-(

    All children home from school so more snow in the house than outside - Lol. Not going out bee to the shop for some messages about to make leek + ptatoe soup for the boys when they come in from sledging - bread is sitting on the table cooling!! Baking this pm + making fat cones for the birds.

    Filled the feeders again this morning but they are so covered in snow again will have to go + bash them.

    Have a good day all + keep cosy!! Snowing again ;-)

  • morning All just thought you might like to see this its me having had too much too drink on my birthday


  • Tiger

    JSB  Do not worry about messing up the index thread. I can easily edit it and make any correction needed.

    OK, thanks.