Weekly Chat, Sunday November 21, 2010

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat, Sunday November 21, 2010

  • Hello and sorry OG. I'm no expert either, just a hobby :)

  • ChloeB

    Hello and sorry OG. I'm no expert either, just a hobby :)

    No need to be sorry - I am an admiring observer - I think you are very clever, and what a useful hobby to have!!  I am just too lazy to learn!

  • LOL OG, thank you. I am lazy about a lot of things and pay much more attention to what interests me most. This just happens to be one of them :)


  • "When I heard that Kate Middlton was born on 9th January 1982,  I thought I remember that day well. You see there was a total lunar eclipse that night supposedly visible from Britain but blotted out by heavy cloud where I was. Indeed I was still waiting to see my first lunar eclipse at that time and had to wait until 17th August 1989 before I finally succeeded.

    However 1982 was a very remarkable year as far as eclipses go. There were a total of three lunar eclipses in 1982, on 9th January, 6th July and 30th December. It is very rare for there to be three total lunar eclipses in a calendar year. It occured in 1917 and before that in 1544. It will not occur again until 2485.

    Now the astrologers will have a wonderful time with this. I wonder how long before it gets picked up :)

    Interestingly William was born on 21st June 1982 and there was a partial solar eclipse that day!

    You read it here first. :) :)"

    Tiger, well done you for digging out those bits of info, especially with regard to the three lunar eclipses. Mind you, I know you too well by now to be surprised by this :)

    I am pretty certain the 9th Jan eclipse is one I saw and can remember exactly where I was at the time. Quite a few of the neighbours were out watching it too. It was so exciting!

  • Joan – what a lovely “winter wonderland” photo!  Would make a good Christmas card.

    Osprey – so sorry you had to miss your friend’s funeral – but you are obviously enjoying lovely thoughts of her as you remember her at home, and I am sure that would mean as much to her as the service.  I’m certain the boys will appreciate the freshly baked bread and leek and potato soup – just right for the weather as you have it.  Good that the older ones are home to take the wee one outside so you don’t have to!

  • WENDY   Agree very easy to clean. I found the hidden controls a little confusing to start but happy with them now. hope hosp visit goes ok, not to mention weather conditions for getting there.  Snow lying here now and OH wondering if it will put his trip to Wick on Sun off. It is work related so he doesn't mind either way.

    First Christmas card arrived today  as the senders are now off to Oz for the festive period. 

  • Afternoon all,

    Bright and sunny here at the moment with temp around 2c. No snow here so far.

    Wendyb/Djoans : Thanks for the snowy pics.

    Welcome to OG s OH.

    Daisy Ray : Glad you  got the  waxwing info from Sandy. Not seen any around here. Its just  a case of  being in the right place at the right time. 

    Thanks for all the other chat. Too many to reply to individually.

    Off to take Hamish for his walk while the sun shines.

  • WENDY  agree, I think we all need easy access to sea/rivers/lochs. The sound of waves gently tickling the beach or waves roaring is just so wonderful. We have lived inland at both Uxbridge, Bucks and Shropshire but most of the time we have only been minutes from the sea. Know you are Speyside, can you narrow that down?, or w.ould you rather not....understand either way


  • ALICAT  thanks for pic, it looks like you were enjoying yourself.    Saw 2 Buzzards on the way back from Tiso this am. How any birds - large or small - survive our winter is just amazing. OH is in charge of the bird feeding till I am back on my feet and I am sure he is doing a good job.

  • dibnlib

    ALICAT  thanks for pic, it looks like you were enjoying yourself.    Saw 2 Buzzards on the way back from Tiso this am. How any birds - large or small - survive our winter is just amazing. OH is in charge of the bird feeding till I am back on my feet and I am sure he is doing a good job.

    thanks dibnlib i was and i didn't have a hangover in the morning which annoy's OH as he gets a hangover if he has too much to drink

  • Alan: A certain online film rental company*, no advertising allowed, ahem!, has Thunderbird episode 1 free on demand, provided you have a membership package.

    * Think not 'lovebird', but love????. Where would we be without a little humour.

  • AQ  I guess the answer to 5S in the S C  is to be found here    Advance Australia Fair   :) :)

    Love the pictures of the grand-pets and the theme naming.

    Gary   That  August 1989 lunar eclipse was well placed for you. I had to sit up to an unearthly hour to see it.

    Annette   I do not think any of us has much chance of seeing three total lunar eclipses in one calendar year again.

    Wendyb     You must be talking about Wednesday 11th August 1999. I was at Redruth in Cornwall and was clouded out. It was still great all the same as at eclipse the birds panicked sort of say "it is dark we should be roosting".  I knew the chances of seeing the eclipse in Cornwall were not great but I wanted to take the only chance in my lifetime of seeing a solar eclipse from Britain. The next one in mainland UK will not be until    Saturday,  23 Septenber 2090 also in Cornwall and also clips the extreme south of Ireland. See map.

    DJoans    Those are great pictures. That reminds me of the Eddystone lighthouse which has had a number of reincarnations. The first one was built by Henry Winstanley and first lit on 14 November 1898. People expressed doubts about this structure but Winstanley had no doubts. He said I would happily be in it in the greatest ever storm. Well he had his wish because he rowed out there on November 25th 1703 and on 27th November the lighthouse was swept away in the great storm on 27th November.

    Neil Oliver relates this story on Coast broadcast last Saturday at 7.30pm.  View at  coast. You got to be quick as it is only around for about another 17 hours.

    OG    Webspace is one of the most exciting things about the internet. Without webspace everything would grind to a halt. When you rent some webpace it is like renting a room in cyberspace. If you own it you are the only one who can change it but everyone else can come in and look around.

    Alicat   Thanks for the picture. Another member we have an image of.  :)

    Hello to everyone else too. I would be here all day if I was to answer everyone individually.

    ChloeB    I was aware of how special 1982 was  long ago. I did not know how special until today.


  • Good afternoon all and I still have a broad smile although it did disappear for a while when PC crashed and I couuldn't get in again.  I was late logging in anyway as I had a fairly large "to do list" as Lindybird would say. All OK now and smile back.  It is freezing cold although we have no snow as yet.  I don't think the frost will go completely today as the sun doesn't reach some parts of the lawn at this time of the year.  The birds are going mad for food and I can hardly believe the sparrows have been in and out of the baths all morning, or at least they did once I got the ice off and refilled them.  Cant believe how much snow some of you have so do take care and keep warm.  Just heard on the weather forecast we might get snow on Tuesday and temperatures ae going lower than they have been at night and during the day.


    Lindybird Sweet Pea must think it is far too cold to make an appearance at the moment.  Glad you enjoyed HOP film.  I have to admit I have never read the books or seen any of the films


    Wendyb that is very kind of you to offer to pick me up from Inverness Airport and take me to Loch Garten and also return me to the airport when my week is over.  OH is currently looking into flights.  It may be that I can fly from Bournemouth which would be excellent but failing that I think I can go from Southampton.  Would be much quicker and cheaper than going by train.  Will let you know how we get on.  Love the picture of the horse, really handsome.


    patriciat would be good if you were in the LG area next June.  It would be nice to meet up.


    dibnlib I will try and remind you nearer the time for my LG visit  (if my memory does not fail me again) I look forward to meeting with you and it maybe that patriciat could be there too.


    DjoanS nice picture of your snowy garden, lookd very pretty.


    george g what a beatiful cat your son has.


    Diane hope your Dad will improve healthwise.  Thinking of you and him.  Shame about other family members not making an effort for Thanksgiving.


    Gary  nice picture of the horse.  Such lovely animals.


    Welcome to eagle-owl nice to see you.


    CholeB if it is OK and you have the time I would appreciate a countdown clock.  Is it possible to have a pic of Odin on it.


    Daisy Ray nice to see your post but sorry about your daughter's accident.  Glad she has taken the right approach but it is still stressful.


    AQ thanks for the pics of Chilli and Nutmeg.  Adorable both of them.


    ALICAT  you really looked as though you were enjoying yourself on your birthday and after all they are there to celebrate.


    Off to London tomorrow and will dress accordingly as I believe it will feel even colder there.  OH is looking forward to his birthday treat so hopefully the weather will not change dramatically and we get snowed in.  Will be releived when we get back home though.  It won't be untial about 2 in the morning and I am not looking forward to being on the roads just in case they haven't been gritted.


    Interesting to read the thoughts on the tennis commentary.  I find Peter Fleming very annoying, he is so slow at getting his words out and I feel like giving him a good shake to wake him up a bit.  Did watch Andy Murray last night and after a shaky start he produced the form that he can and won quite easily.  I find the tournament lacks atmosphere a bit and I do have trouble with the colour of the courts.  I suppose I am traditional and like the green courts.


    Well that is me for now, sorry I have not replied to all, couldn't believe how busy it had been again.  Thinking of all of you who have had a lot of snow and take care if going out.  I probably won't be on again until Sunday now so will have a big catch up job again.  Have a good weekend.

  • Margo it will be a pleasure. I will see if I can find a suitable capture of Odin.

  • "ChloeB    I was aware of how special 1982 was  long ago. I did not know how special until today."

    Yes I do realise that Tiger. Didn't word my post too well did I? I meant the connection with Kate :)