Daily Update Wednesday 18th May 2011

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Daily Update Wednesday 18th May 2011

  • BJ: So it is still a 3 egg situation. I have been out in London all day.....nice see the site back on line again.

  • Here is what I did to get the picture in

    1, use rich formating ( tiny print on the lower  right side)

    2 change Max sizes in boxes to 500 on both

    3. click the "media button"

    4. click "insert" near the bottom  BEFORE you click browse for  file

    5. Browse for file and get picture

    6 Click insert AGAIN

    7. Click Post


  • Yes all eggs are still intact . I could not see any cracks in any of them

  • Have I made it to the other side or is this limboland?

  • It is day 34 today so not much chance of any hatching today.

  • Testing testing 123.....am I coming through the ether????

    How's our lovebirds doing? Any interesting news anyone?

    Only thing that I heard Monday night, which I haven't noticed before (probably because we had no sound for a while) was a cuckoo close to the nest!!! Frightened me to death, I thought we had an alien 'til I realised what it was. A close up cuckoo call is very different to the usual distant one echoing around a wood!!!

    Hope evryone's okay. :)

  • Yes, Emma you are on the other side :)

  • Lovely shot of the fish delivery Barbara :-)

    I was watching the cam yesterday, and intended to make my own diary of events, but I somehow got sidetracked into doing things ;-) However, as a test, here's a couple of shots I took of a changeover (EJ relieving a rather reluctant Odin) at about 2pm on Tuesday:

    EJ relieves Odin

  • hmm, the software appears to have mangled my attempt at displaying two shots side-by-side :-(

    It helpfully asks you for the maximum image size, but fails to indicate the width of the area into which they are placed, resulting in a squashed right hand image :-/ Unless I missed it somewhere? Sizing by percentage of page width would be easier though.....

    I used Alignment property for each image, set to Left and Right respectively, if anyone wants to have a play with it.

  • Hello!  Well Done to Joan for starting a new Thread again - & Well Done to All who've worked out how to post their pics!  Thanks Barbara Jean for the tips....

    I looked in a few times today, and caught the moment when Odin was egg sitting in what looked like Scottish sunshine.

  • Hurrah we made it.  Thanks for confirming Barbara Jean

  • If anyone is looking for their "Page"  just click on your name at the top and it  comes up complete with your friends

  • Can we post info/pics/links related to the activity for the last two days, or should we create separate threads for those?

    I'll just try linking to a clip I made of Odin returning yesterday:


    Posts can always be deleted (by the authors) if they clutter up this forum

  • I should think its ok to post about the last 2 days Robert the Bruce ... there will be a new Daily Update tomorrow anyway ... I hope!

  • Robert the link says " Bad request"