Technical Test Thread

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Technical Test Thread

  • Tiger

    When I selected manual install something like   windowsplayer11 came up and I just followed the instructiions after that.

    Hi tiger  i will leave you in peace now  thanks for  trying the manual down load in fire fox wouldn't have it and still doesn't work, but thanks anyway

    at least i can watch it on carnyx for now will have another look when i get back off holiday go away saturday

  • Alicat  At least you had a very good try. You make a great student. Enjoy your hoiday.

  • Tiger

    Alicat  At least you had a very good try. You make a great student. Enjoy your hoiday.

    thanks  tiger and i will hopefully enjoy holiday,you must have a very understanding OH with you been on computer all night trying to help me out

  • This is just a brainstorming idea that I have, about trying to find a way of getting email advice of website updates. WE now have so many pages to keep checking some sort of automated system is called for.

    I tried a Google search for 'email advice of website updated' without any success.

    Tools available of a similar nature are the following, but not what I am looking for.

    Taking Beatrice as an example. How could we get advice that RD has updated her page?

    Google news alerts would only cover press entries from newspapers.

    On RSPB LG Group we could get email of postings to the relevant thread. I am assuming here that we can be that selective without getting all posts/threads. But of course this is finding out second hand from someone else, who has been trawling the pages.

    Is there software that does this sort of function.

    Firefox did do, maybe still has an add-on that refreshes pages every so many minutes. But that entails being permanently logged on to the page and having to keep checking it oneself.

    This description is a bit rambling, but I hope it may encourage some thought, since others have said that all the checking, is time consuming.

    Any ideas?

  • jsb
    Taking Beatrice as an example. How could we get advice that RD has updated her page?

    Alan    :) :) :)

  • Yes! Alan should be Browser Olympic Champion!! :o)

  • Hi doggie/tiger/sparrow - thanky for your help with this prob - have been away looking after poorly bodies for couple of days & only just back - when I try to download WMP I get told I need 'rollup 2' before it can be installed & have tried to find this but cannot???!!!  Would it be part of the codec pack you mentioned doggie?

  • Hi Wendy try this

    edit look here Wendy

  • ps my WMP is part of original XP package and cannot be modified by the looks of it - I have never used it because I can't seem to get it to work - I play my videos through cam software or quick time

  • try that link

  • Wendy, have you disabled access to WMP in your control settings? Go to "set program access and defaults" in start menu and check whether you have.

  • deleted


  • Just thought i would repost this here.


    Just a warning to BT customers with McAfee software, after i got back in from a walk last night i found i couldn't access the internet from my laptop even though it said i was connected ok to the homehub, it said the problem was with the connection from the hub to the phone line.

    Yet i could still get on from my iphone and an old desktop i tried, my only solution after resetting the homehub to no joy was to try going back using a restore point on the laptop, thankfully this worked but i've found this this morning on the BT be aware.

    Here's the weblink

  • Thanks Doggie for this info, we have been having problems with BT broadband for a few weeks now, like the line has been dropping, we just wait a few minutes and it comes back on again, so will check out the Macafee icon to see what version we have, cannot remember updating it recently tho!
  • Can anyone please advise how you can "Insert Image" into a Private Message.

    No problems on posts with Rich Formatting - Is there a similar set up for PMs