Technical Test Thread

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Technical Test Thread

  • Does it make the dinner too???  LOL

    We got a new one just before Christmas, it is Dell, we have always found them very reliable.  Can't believe the speed of it.  Our old one was soooooo slow!

  • Robert the Bruce

    Mary GK: do you still need to save any files from your old machine?

    Thank You Robert, there may be a few have slipped through that were not backed up but nothing important, everything else I had backed up, even my emails which I thought I had lost, but got the computer going enough to let me make a backup of my emails and address book and email account, which I have imported to a little Netbook I have that runs Outlook Express.       I guess a lot of people do not think to backup emails or their address book, I often thought about it but thought it was too difficult to do, so never did it, but when faced with the thought of losing all the information held within my emails I certainly made sure I knew how to do it then LOL....  so when the computer was just limping along that was when I made a backup. 

  • Mary GK
    Chloe I think we prefer buying from somewhere that we know we will get good service, and have been dealing with for years now.   So we went in today and ordered the PC, it depends on what you call megabucks LOL....  £1700 which I think is OK for what we are getting and when we had our very first home computer built way back in 1999/2000 it cost over £2000 at that time, so cannot complain about what we pay now for things.


    Ah I spent £2,000 on my first PC in Fenruary 1989. It was 8MHz which I could boost to 12 MHz. I had 1MB of RAM of which only 640K was usuable normally. And the hard disk? I went for the BIG ONE all of 40 MB. I had both 3.5 and 5.25 inch floppies.

    Things like CD Roms, USBs and internet connections were unknown to me.

    Yet I was showing anyone who was interested how great my PC was.

  • I know Tiger, we keep complaining about the cost of things today, but when you compare the costs of of computers back then to the spec that you get today and cost, £2000 was a lot of money back around 1999/2000 but in 1989 it was really megabucks LOL.....     I worked in a Computer Room in the early 80's and the Disk Drives were in a cabinet about 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide, and the discs were 75 mgb, and they were huge, it was a Wang Computer system, have you heard of them LOL..... 

  • Tiger knows what I am like as regards computers Mary. I may not pay out huge amounts on one machine but I do have a good variety of them :) Bought over a period of time of course :)

  • Chloe a girl cannot have too many of anything LOL.....    its nice not to be relying solely on one computer isnt it, I can say I like any gadgets whether I need them or not LOL....        Must say Windows 8 looks a different beast altogether, but at least OH is managing to flick between the computer looking like windows7 and then back to Windows8 again, its going to take an awful lot of learning I think.   

  • Yes very true re more than one computer. Really good to have standbys :)

    You would both have found quite a difference going from XP to Windows 7 never mind 8. I went from XP to Vista to Win 7 so it was a bit more gradual. No way would I go back to XP though some people still love it.

    I am sure you will both be used to it in no time :)

  • I went from DOS  to Windows 98  to Windows XP to Windows 7

    I found the move from XP to 7 to be very frustrating as  7 is just so counter intuitive.

    Now that I am used to it. No problem.

  • Yes you did it the best way by working through all the different Windows systems, its a massive difference for us, and I am laughing as OH has just said oh we will get used to it LOL....     I am quite looking forward to the challenge of learning something new, when the PC arrives, and in the meantime can look Windows8 on the new laptop, so it wont be such a shock to the system when I get mine LOL....   We just managed to upload some photographs from a dongle to the new laptop, and it felt like we had accomplished something because it was nothing like how you would do it on XP.   LOL

  • Oh yes, good old 98. I went through that too Tiger, just thinking about the route from XP to Win7 and 8 though :) That's more than enough.

  • We had Windows 98 on our first home computer too.    I have had a play tonight with Windows 8 and I am quite liking it as its so easy to switch back to icons if you get stuck, its like a great adventure finding out new things, uploaded all my backed up music, and in terms of the way it is presented now it seems like it is light years ahead LOL....     Cannot wait on the PC arriving now so I can then start playing around with it.    I think I am happier now because I know that by still having the old laptop with XP I will still be able to have all my backed up stuff work with it, and now I can start afresh again with new programs too.

  • How technology moves on..

    Mary am sure you will enjoy your new compoota, when it arrives..

    Thought this might be of interest     re XP

  • Kate2

    How technology moves on..

    Mary am sure you will enjoy your new compoota, when it arrives..

    Thought this might be of interest     re XP

    That is a very interesting link.

  • Tiger
    That is a very interesting link.

    You can do the same for  Vista

    MS do have a lot of info if you are prepared to search,

  • Mary it all sounds very exciting for you :) Your old machine really did you a favour if you choose to look at it that way. LOL though it hardly seemed like it at the time :)

    Thanks Kate, will check your links shortly.