Technical Test Thread

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Technical Test Thread

  • Thanks Doggie. It must have always been there, then. It must be Windows 7 - though up 'til now it has been very like XP. I admit I don't take much notice of the addresses, just look for the padlock! Thanks again for your help :-))

  • Mims have a look at how you've uploaded it to youtube it could be that, look at the video here

    There's no s in this one, though Hazy hasn't got to grips yet on how to embed

  • Thanks doggie - great video too. When I get a recorder onto this laptop, I'll look at the address to see any difference to a download with Windows XP. I haven't had this laptop long and haven't recorded with it yet. The recording I uploaded today was dowloaded onto YouTube by Windows XP and accessed by this new Windows 7 laptop to get it onto the site. At any rate if all else fails I'll take out the 's' as that seems to work.

  • At least you have a way that works now..good luck.

  • Ignore this, I'm trying something.

  • Nice pic LIMPY  :)


    Does anyone have any ideas about:

    My PC screen won't turn off when my system unit is shut down !!!    Button is green all the time I'm working online and WILL turn off when my system is up and running.

    BUT, when I shut down and the screen goes black the button is still green (instead of amber). And then the screen goes to flashing different colours  - red - blue -yellow - green .

    Of course I unplug it from the mains socket and that's that ... but   ??????????????/


     Also, when my screen saver is on I've just discovered the screen flashes colour - . Oh rats.
  • Oh Oh that sounds like impending hardware failure (hope i'm wrong) Cirrus.

    To be on the safe side i should make sure you have any important files backed up on to an external device.

  • OMG  DOGGIE . Shutting down whilst I take that in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you.

  • I could be wrong Cirrus

  • How is your computer now Cirrus? Did you manage to sort out what was causing the problem?

  • I know I'm not Cirrus (as if it's clever of me to know who I'm not :o ), but I did hear that she'd made great progress with it :-)

  • LOL scylla :))

    Thanks. It all sounded so bizarre that I was curious as to what was wrong.

  • I have tried twice to get an extract of this info below, saved on my profile, in the signature box. But the website keeps coming up with a 'validation error'. I want to keep the html link that is there already, but I suspect that may be causing the problem. Any ideas?

    I shall try putting the text, above the html, as up to now I have been putting it after it.


    The current twice weekly data checks will continue to the end of October, thereafter, through the winter, the data-download regime switches to weekly.


    Oct 30 - Nov 30, every 4 days

    Dec 1- Mar 15, every 6 days


    Another possibility is that the transmission may have switched from a four to six day cycle. This was not due to happen until the end of the month but can apparently sometimes occur ahead of schedule due to a programming error.

    RD (Highland Foundation for Wildlife) Ad hoc blogs, not sure at present of Argos winter schedule, probably weekly.

  • Putting before the link does not work either.

  • Hi jsb

    If you are trying to put all that info in the signature box i think that is the problem, i think there is a limit on the amount of characters you can put in, one suggestion try putting it in a bit of a time and see how far you get.