Tore and Bynack, The Class of 2011

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Tore and Bynack, The Class of 2011

  • Bright& Breezy I think Bynack will do just fine. He seems to  know what to do that is in his best interest. He stopped attacking Tore when he needed her to shelter him and let him eat first.

    Then when only one fish at a time was delivered to the nest he  fought with all he had to get it and keep it. 

    He has always been a fighter. I remember seeing that pint size sample when he  was barely able to get up the mound from the nest cup and then standing up to challenge EJ.  LOL

    If Birds laugh I am sure EJ did at that challenge 

    He also doesn't give up easily. He tried to tear open fish that were too  tough for him and   EJ had to let him struggle for a long time before he would give  up and let her feed him. He  wrongly flew out into the North Sea and then just kept flying until he found land.  

    Now he is following a river so he doesn't need to search for  a body of water when he gets hungry.    He is a smart little guy.

  • And for all we know he also hitched a lift to save his wings ;-D  One smart little guy, as you say BARBARA, and thanks for all the reminders of him :-*

  • Barbara I have to smile what a character Bynack is and he is built of strong stuff and love your summary.  Yes he a fighter and he gave us a scare when he took that long flight to Belgium and obvious he is fishing and taking a stop over. It will be interesting to see which way he goes when he decides to move on.  I don't think it will be the Alps.  No matter what we have no idea and very intriguing it is.

    Tore seems to be happy where she is and will be a great fisherwoman, if there is such a word, when she decides to move on. No rush for either of them.

    Syclla yes hold hands :)

  • Sad news from Richard:

    There’s no point beating about the bush.......

  with a heavy heart, I need to let you know that we have concerns for Bynack.

    Data last week made us wonder, but we wanted to see more data before beginning to draw any firmer conclusions. However, looking at data now for the past 10 days, it shows there to have been no movement from Bynack.

     The data we get at this time of year is a fix at 09.00am and another at 17.00pm. Last week, with several identical fixes at both 9am and 5pm, we wondered (hoped!) that this suggested he had a favourite roosting tree perhaps, to which he routinely returned each evening at 5pm and remained there until 9am the next morning. But with sunrise out there in Mauritania (Nouakchott) currently at 07.37am and sunset at 18.58pm, his 9-5 routine would suggest that Bynack was always early to bed and always enjoyed a long-lie too, and was out & about in between times. Whilst much wildlife do become creatures of habit, that, I’m afraid, is unlikely.

    But hang on in there everybody, it is just possible, that like Nethy and Mallachie before him, maybe Bynack is fine after all, but that his tag has dropped off, and continues to transmit from the same location. It’s certainly possible. There is a chance of a harness malfunction, but we cannot be sure that there haven’t been many over the years so the chances are slim, but there is nevertheless a chance, and it is all we can hope for, for now, until such time as these birds, currently logged as missing in action, presumed dead, surprise us all and are spotted back here in UK or elsewhere, identifiable from colour leg rings. Here’s hoping.

    I’m sorry to have to bring you this bad news. We are as completely gutted as we know you will be too. In a week when the Osprey Team 2012 were appointed, with so much passion, enthusiasm and optimism from the candidates interviewed, and with the new season looming large, it all seemed to be going so well, and then this happens. Both Bynack and sister Tore managed to survive the hazards and rigours of their first migration, and having done so, though not by any means invincible of course, you kinda feel and hope that with that most difficult bit of their lives successfully completed, that they’ll fair well. Not to be, sigh.

    It’ll be some consolation to you I’m sure, to know that at least both Tore and Rothes appear fine.

  • I posted a couple of short vids in the tracking thread, plus this montage:

    RIP Bynack - but we can't help holding out hope.

  • Beautiful Scylla.  Thank you.  I remember the day these shots were taken.  The camera work was great with many opportunities to snip.

  • Thanks scylla for the montage of Bynack.  We will always remember him and who knows he may even be OK, but that is probably wishful thinking.

  • Thank You Scylla for the montage of Bynack, he brought so much pleasure in his short life, but I am like Margo until its been confirmed for sure I am hoping that he will still be flying high and screeching at the top of his lungs, he was a special wee Osprey that was so loved by so many!!!

  • Scylla thanks for the Montage of Bynack it's lovely but it would be as Bynack is lovely :)

  • On 24 May 2012 Richard wrote:

    It looks like we've now lost Tore too.

    We've been awaiting confirmation, but the latest data downloaded on Tuesday, reveals that Tore’s location has remained the same now for a spell, confirming our concerns that she is missing-in- action and sadly we must assume the worst.  As with the other lost birds,  it is of course just possible that the tag may have fallen off, but consulting with our techi-chaps at HQ, it does not look good to say the least.

    The final location is on what appears to be a muddy bank by a river in Guinea-Bissau, NE of Bissora (a very small village).