Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys


  • And equally depressing that too few people care

  • Wildlife Trust calling for osprey volunteers here

  • First 2 chicks have hatched at Hilton Head. The first chick is named GV and the second is named RJ.


  • Tempo, it's heartbreaking and enraging enough to hear about the prevailing culture there, it must be even worse for you to live in it :'(

    Here are the Dunedin chick and a parent, just chilling in quite a breeze.  I didn't shift the cam to the road-view (that's why they disabled it CIRRUS) but I did shift it back to our subjects ;-)

    Oops, I thought I'd trimmed it, it's too long for nothing happening.  Will do so now.

  • Incubating going well at Kielder

  • Aberfoyle webcam is live again but no sign of any ospreys at this nest.

  • Lovely video SCYLLA and pic of Osp nest ALAN - it looks so remote and as exposed as the LG nest !

  • Webcam will be back on line at Caerlaverock tomorrow:

  • 3 eggs on ValG's nest (Bridge of Cally):

    No mention of further human intruders - really hope that means there haven't been any!

  • Fish delivery at Glacier National Park:

  • Thanks for putting link on here, Rachel. Yes 3 eggs now. Very surprised as 1st egg 27/04, 2nd 29/04 & 3rd 3/05! There was definitely only 2 on evening of 2/05.

    All is well at nest & no human disturbance this week. I have now fitted surveillance cameras on approaches to nest so all covered from 100 metres to nest. Cameras triggered by movement & images sent direct to my mobile immediately.

    I will post image from nest cam when I get home.

    Very cold tonight & we have had snow flurries, hailstones & gales since about 2pm. Settling now though but temperature dropping quickly.

    Just checking for owl activity but unfortunately very little. Not unexpected though.

    Picture  of eggs shortly

    Val x

  • Image from nest camera yesterday. (Date is day out & hour is hour out)

    Eggs are quite different from each other. All is well at osprey hq so fingers crossed for improved weather too

  • Val, three eggs - wonderful! So pleased all has been peaceful for you and the birds, fingers crossed it remains so.

    The picture is excellent, you're going to have a fantastic view of the chicks. It's strange that the third egg arrived after a gap of four days, hopefully it will hatch in less than four days after it's siblings, otherwise they will have a considerable start on it.

    You're in for a cold night tonight, but no rain forecast, I believe. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.

  • Latest from Bassenthwaite: 3 other birds regularly seen, but none are showing persistent interest in the old (Dodd) nest. Meanwhile, the ringed bird at Kielder seems to be a mystery: right leg, white 37 - but NOT a Bassenthwaite or Rutland bird. So either Scots (but ringed on 'wrong' leg), or Scandinavian.

    (all from the most recent update:

  • 3 eggs at both Kielder nests now.