Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys


  • The nest and Mrs look wet, though I don't think it's raining at the moment. She has the chicks tucked securely under her.

  • Plenty of food on the nest to see the chicks through todays bad weather:

  • Nora looks dry but still seems very windy.....where is all this non-summer-like atrocious weather coming from?

    nest rocking in the wind Can't see any spare fish so hopefully chicks have had a good feed Water looks very choppy

  • Poor Mrs!! How undignified!

    Do read today's blog and look at the video!

  • How undignified for po or Mrs.....showing off her frilly bloomers..........but also illustrates the hazards of strong winds

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  • Nice feed going on at Rutland. These 2 are looking good:


  • Bit of a tussle going on between 5R and Mrs, he thinks what's left of the fish should be his, she's hanging on to it!

  •  Gosh !!! Have these chicks grown since this morning?

  • Two chicks on one side of the nest snoozing in the sun, and Mrs on the other side looking slightly puzzled!

  •  When I looked in a lot earlier one chick was exploring on the left of the nest and the other asleep in the middle, Now they are both snuggled up and Mrs. is pottering

  • Latest Rutland Blog..supporting Dyfi.

  • Good blog.

    These chicks are beginning to grow their feathers, they do look a nice healthy pair.

  • 5R has just brought a large wet stick to the nest. The chicks are keeping their heads down, - they know what's best when sticks are being manoevred!

  • Feeding time at Manton Bay. Looks to be a small fish compared to some of 5R's offerings, but the chicks are not complaining!

  • Looks wet and miserable at Manton Bay this morning. Mrs is sheltering the chicks, they only just fit under her wings.