Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys


  • Another feed at Manton Bay:

  • Feeding time at Manton Bay. It's a very civilised affair!

  • Happy family at Manton Bay:

  • Looks like an intruder about at Manton Bay. Lots of mantling going on:

  • I was right about an intruder. Rutland ospreys have just tweeted:

    "Our recently returned two year-old, 28(10), has just made another visit to Manton Bay!"

  • 5 ospreys at Lyndon:!/rutlandospreys

  • 5R delivers a whole fish, quite a small one by his standards. The two chicks, who had been snoozing, immediately come to life and move towards Mrs.

  • They have just finished eating and are cleaning their beaks in the nest material whilst Mrs picks up scraps.I have jsut noticed how plump they are.....or rotund as Emyr described Ceulan this morning

  • Mum and the 2 chicks having jolly good preens

  • Decent sized fish at Manton Bay. Chicks dont look particularly hungry as they turn away already. The benefits of having fish right on your doorstep:

  • Mrs has just flown off with the rest of the fish, at least she'll get a good feed now. The two chicks sit happily together, snoozing and digesting.

  • Not looked in for some time but glad to see all are faring well.  Some super captures and thanks for all the updates.

  • Chicks in the sun, stretching and preening, Mrs is adjusting the barricades!

  • Latest news:

  • Lovely scene at a calm Manton Bay: