Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys


  • Looks sunny at RW Mrs. feeding one of the chicks The other is resting

  • Mrs keeping her eye on the kids, who are preening and snoozing. Very peaceful scene!

    Check out the latest edition of "Ken's diary" on the website, it makes fascinating reading.

  • Kens diary

    Good to know that there are definately 3 chicks at site B.

  •   Not been on for a few days but just been watching a feed a few mins ago.

  • The chicks are full and sleeping it off with their heads on the side of the nest. Mrs has had her fill too and there is still a tail end for later. Nice to see them in the sun.

  •  Just looked in on the webcam and all peaceful.

  • Some more poplar leaves have arrived. Mrs is preening, as is one of the chicks, the other is asleep with it's head on the outer sticks.

  • Been looking in and taking snaps - see all is peaceful.  Mrs. came back on the nest a short while ago, chicks had been on their own.

      mum had just landed back on nest.


  • thanks for info Rach - I have found my way!

  • Latest blog.

  • Well done, Wendy! This site isn't the easiest to navigate.

    Thanks for the link, Sandy. Those two do have trouble with forked sticks, don't they!

  • Chicks home alone on what looks to be rather a grey day.

  • Mrs is eating but the chicks are not interested, guess they're full.

  • Some pics from this mornings visit to Manton Bay:

    5R with a fish on dead poplar behind the nest:

    Wing stretch from one of the chicks, 5R still eating the fish:


    Fish finally delivered to the nest:

    Feeding begins:

    5R relaxes . Job done.

  • Nice pics, Alan. Is the GCG nest still there in front of the hide?

    EDIT: Doh, should have checked WC first!